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living room pink wall, yellow sofa, glass chairs, white elephant statue coffee table, wide mirror, blue sconce, paintings Curbed

Living Room With Light Blue Wall, Blue Pillows And Ottoman, White Sofa, White Side Table With Metallic Feet, White Blue Table Lamp
Elegant Living Rom With Red Wall, Red Rug, Black Sofas, Red Roses In Black Vases, Diamond Chandelier, Plants, Clear Glass Coffee Table
Living Room With White Wall, Purple Ceiling And Sofas, Wooden Long Simple Coffee Table, Gold Chandelier, Grey Floor Lamp, Zebra Skin Patterned Rug
Living Room With Peach Wall, Peach Grey Bench, Dry Plants Ornamnent On The Floor, White Fur Rug, Pillows, Orange Blanket
Living Room With Magenta Wall, White Sofa, Colourful Pillows, Wooden Low Coffee Table, White Floor
Living Room Pink Wall, Yellow Sofa, Glass Chairs, White Elephant Statue Coffee Table, Wide Mirror, Blue Sconce, Paintings
Living Room With Yellow Wall, Yellow Wooden Floor, Blue Small Bench, Wooden Cabinet Under A TV And Wooden Shelves, Flowery Curtain
Living Room With Orange Wall, Grey Sofa, Wooden Long Coffee Table, Persian Rug
Living Room With Neon Yellow Wall And Table With White Marble Top, Orange Painting, Orange Lamp, Orang Basket Bag, Dark Green Chair, Green Hanging Lamp
Living Room With Blue Wall, Pillows, Metallic Stool, White Sofa, Chairs, Floor Lamp, Glass Small Cabinet

Even though many people prefer soft minimalist colour for their living room with many reasons, it doesn’t mean that bold colours can’t look good in your living room. In fact, bold colours can look really interesting and energizing at the same time too. Let’s see many bold colours in use in living room that will make you think you should refurbished.

Night Blue Wall

First, let’s take a look at this room dominated with blue colour. With beautiful blue colour that will remind you of the dark night sky on the wall, the room resonance its bold blue colour that can’t go wrong. The white colour contrasts the blue colour in a really good way. The metallic coffee table looks modern and elegant in the same time.


Day Blue Sky

Compared to the previous one, this one is more like a day blue sky, although it’s not less bold. With colour that reminds you of day life, it gives refreshing thoughts and energy as well. The flower paintings and the motives on the pillows generates the same message: fresh and energized. The sofa and rug contrasts as well as balances the palette.


Purple Above and Under

This beautiful room looks so elegant with its purple ceiling and sofas. The chandelier confirms that too. The fact that the room is open to a garden through a door and clear glass window makes the room looks rich in colour.


Colourful Pink

Now, this room is really interesting and enlivening. With its bold pink wall, one might think that it has enough bold colours but, of course, that is not the case as the yellow sofa and colourful rug are seen here. The paintings on the wall make the room even richer.  The clear glass chairs maintain the colourful rug to be seen.


Bright and Cheerful Yellow

Often considered as an energizing and cheerful colour, yellow will be a cute choice to have in your living room. With this cheery colour, you’ll give out a happy vibe for your room. In this picture, with flowery colour and blue velvet bench, yellow is contrasted very well.


Bright Lime Green

Anyone would agree that lime colour is refreshing. And if you like a room where you can feel refreshed, lime green painted wall will give that fun for you. This one picture particularly looks so refreshing with the orange contrasting colour too.


Peach on the Wall

Here, even though the wall is in peach, but the sofa is in greyish peach that makes the room is not as bold as the others. However, this is a nice ideas for those who aren’t too brave to have bold coloured room.


Elegant Red

Red can be really bright and it might makes your eyes hurt to look at it. However, with the right red, like maroon, a room can be both bold and elegant, especially when there’s elegant feature in it. This one here has really strong red colour on the wall and on the velvet rug. The black fireplace and sofas add to its darkness and elegance. Moreover, the beautiful diamond chandeliers give the strong elegance vibrant.


Magenta Highest Love

It has been said that magenta represents universal love in the highest level. It is also said that it brings out common sense too. So, with all that has been said about magenta, it is easily concluded that this colour gives the best effect in the room. In this picture particularly, it has been contrasted with white beautifully.


Warm Orange

The last, it’s one of the warmest colours there is. So, it is understandable when it mixes with Persian rug that looks so precisely fitted here.

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