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A ceiling fan is a necessary item in a room. The ceiling fan can be installed in a room which has no air conditioner to make the fresh indoor air and fill the empty all as the decoration. Sometimes, we install both ceiling fan and a light fixture all together, but what if we get a multifunctional item for your home such as a ceiling fan with light. This is a popular item which will make the installation easy. A bronze ceiling fan with light has a nice vintage finish and some of them have a unique industrial design. Here are some ideas of the bronze ceiling fan with light that will brighten and freshen up the room in your home.

Ceiling Fan for Transitional Room

A ceiling fan with light is really suitable for a high ceiling. The fan in this home is installed above the transitional seating space, while a chandelier is above the round pedestal dining table. The lighting fixtures really determine the areas in a transitional space.

Peter Pan Themed Bedroom

Give your son a great gift by creating a Peter Pan themed bedroom for him. This bedroom looks so decorative with the wall murals, colors, and the bronze ceiling fan with light. Instead of a chandelier, this fan will enhance the Neverland theme.

Several Lighting Fixtures

For a large sunroom or dining room, installing a ceiling fan or a lighting fixture may not be enough. It is better to add several lighting fixtures as well as the fan to circulate the air.

Creative Chic Layout

Your home exterior may seem plain and clumsy, but you need to give some effort to your home interior. Get creative with your furniture layout and lighting inside your home.

Items on Ceiling

Build outdoor time into your daily routine by setting up the outdoor seating spaces. This porch features a bronze ceiling fan with light, a ceiling lamp, and recessed lighting to fill the ceiling.

A Multifunctional Bedroom

This bedroom looks so gorgeous featuring wide glass windows, bookcase, lounge chairs, and a ceiling fan with light. This relaxing bedroom also offers a reading nook which is so beneficial to the home.

The Small Living Room Features

A small living room must need simple furniture pieces and refreshing items. This small living room provides minimalist eclectic white furniture items and a bronze ceiling fan with light for the air circulation. As for the glass windows, they give a valuable view and spacious layout.

A Big Ceiling Fan with Light

This bedroom has a big ceiling fan with light which enough to give maximum function in a spacious space. The white ceiling makes it look stand out.

Ceiling Fan for Pergola

This is tastefully outdoor seating with a pergola and the bronze ceiling fan with light. The white drapes make a romantic touch.

Sloped Ceiling with Fan

This is what you can do if you to give stylish touch for the sloped ceiling. Add some wood beams, sloped windows, and a bronze ceiling fan with light.

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