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study space, wooden floor, wooden table, wooden bench, wooden chair, woden shelves, large winwos with wooden frame Man Like Marvin Sparks

Simple Floating Woden Table In Front Of Glass Window, Wooden Floor, Rug, Black Chair
A Long Alley For Study Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Long Built In Table, Green Chair, Tal Wooden Shelves, White Wall, Window , Reading Nook
Study Space, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Wooden Chair, Woden Shelves, Large Winwos With Wooden Frame
Study Room, Seamless Grey Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair With Black Leather Seating, Wooden Built In Shelves, Chandelier,
Study Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Slab Table Top With Golden Legs, Dark Wall, Brown Leather Chair, Dark Curtain
Study Nook On The Glass Wall, Long Wooden Nook, Black Chair
Study Space, Built In Wooden Floating Shelves, Grey Seamless Floor, Wooden Table, Black Chair, White Table Lamp
Study Room With Rattan Rug, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair With Rattan Seating, White Table Lamp, Large Window
Study Space, Wooden Floor, Floating Wooden Table, Wooden Built In Bookshelves, Rug, Sliding Door, Bedroom,
Study Space In Front Of The Window, Floating Wooden Table, Grey Seamless Floor, Built In Shelves, Window

A study room should be a room where you can feel most comfortable as you would need to focus on what you’re working on. A study ideally should have the view that will not make you bored also as working on something serious can be so tiring and you will need some refreshment even if it’s only the change of view, from the table to the window. Here below are exquisite study rooms with natural touch that will make you want to move your work there.

Japanese Vibe
Japanese room has been really popular on its natural touch on its interior design. So it is so understandable when you go for Japanese room in decorating study room, you would get a really minimalist and natural look. This one here shows a really warm and calming study room with its wooden bookshelves, rattan floor, wooden table and chairs. It is finished with large window that offers beautiful view too. This one is such a perfect study.

Masculine Vibe
This one here looks so masculine with its dark wall and curtain. The wooden floor and table bring gives rustic feeling to the room which support the masculine power in the room.

Natural Elegance
This one let the natural material touches the wall on the large built-in bookshelves that can store hundreds of books and on the wooden table that again offers a little shelves in front. The neutral grey seamless floor compliment the natural. The chandelier brings both elegance and simplicity at the same time.

Long Alley
If you want to create the space that you have already had, this one here can be a perfect example. The long alley is made to be an interesting combination of tall bookshelves, study room with long wooden table, and window nook with some cushion. The natural material used on the furniture brings warmth to the space.

Study Space
For a small apartment, creating study room might be tricky. But this one here successfully creating a simple and light study space with natural look seen on the wooden bookshelves and floating table.

Minimalist Space
This one here shows a really minimalist study space with minimalist wooden floating shelves and table. The same shade used in almost all surface creates a spacious feeling. And this natural character is all combined with grey seamless floor which also shows a minimalist vibe.

Fresh Study Nook
Positioning study space in front of the window is really refreshing. You get the fresh feeling because of the view in front of you and, if you can open some window, from the fresh air. In this one, the fresh look is seen from the large glass window and the wooden material used brilliantly on the floor, built in bench with storage under, table, chairs, built-in shelves and the frame of the window.

Natural View
This one is a simple study space in front of the window that allows you to study and work in front of beautiful natural view. The window allows you to have natural character seen inside.

Simple Nook
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows a really simple setting with wooden floating table in front of window.

Simple Window
In this study nook in front the window, not only the floating table is simple, the window is also in medium size and not excessive. Everything is in the right size and design.

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