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Clever Guest Bed Ideas to Try at Your Home

Making sure that your guests enjoy the time they spend at your home is definitely your duty as a homeowner. One of the best things you can do for your guests is preparing a nice bedroom for them. Then, one of the best things you can do to prepare a nice bedroom for your guests is by preparing an awesome bed in your guest bedroom. Here are a number of awesome beds you can get inspirations from if you want to turn your guest bedroom into one your guests will be happy to stay in.

A Folded Bed to Help You Save Space

A folded bed like this is an awesome bed to choose for your guest room. This bed can help you save space and you can combine it with storage items like this.

guest bed ideas carpet hardwood floor table chair window folded bed storage drawers cabinet window lighting lamps lights contemporary home office
Eye 4 Detail

A Guest Bed Under Shelves

This bed is a cool bed to incorporate into your guest bedroom for kids. The bed is under shelves and it’s in a colour that stands out so that kids love it.

guest bed ideas pillow shelves chair dark floor doors contemporary kids room
Love, Thomas

A Small but Comfortable Bed

This bed might be small but its comfortable and that’s the most important thing. If you can make your guests comfortable, you’d have been successful as a homeowner.

guest bed ideas wood floor small bed tables pillows with words written on them lamps wall decor
Studio D

A Daybed with a Trundle

This daybed has a trundle and it’s an awesome bed to incorporate into your guest bedroom if your guests happen to be those with kids. The bedroom itself has a painting, shelves and a desk with a chair accompanying it.

guest bed ideas carpet hardwood floor cabinet drawers window table laptop chair shelves daybed trundle pillows painting
Tamalpais Construction Company

A Wall Bed

The bed below is a wall bed and it means that it can conceal itself and turn into a wall whenever your guests aren’t using it.

guest bed ideas window door transitional bedroom shelves book pillows lamp
Sarah Fortescue Designs

A Small but Elegant Guest Bed

This bed may be small but it’s an elegant bed that offers great comfort making it a very nice bed to provide for guests.

guest bed ideas carpet wall decor clock table window curtains pillows modern lamp basket
Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

A Very Small Bed for Guests

This bed may be very small but it’s still an awesome bed to offer to guests who come alone and stay over at your house.

guest bed ideas carpet shelves drawers pillow window book wall lamp modern lighting light traditional bedroom
Johnson Squared Architecture + Planning

A Very Comfortable Bed with an Interesting Design

This very comfortable bed is one that can be used by not only two people and it’s the right bed to provide for guests who come with their kids.

guest bed ideas hardwood floor bed pillows shelves ceiling lamp big window traditional bedroom table
Marcel Page Photography

A Bed That Seems to Float

This bed seems to float and it’s a very nice bed to offer to guests especially if the guests are young people who always look for something cool.

guest bed ideas wood floor window painting chair shelves book eclectic bedroom carpet
Kerrie L. Kelly

Another Small but Comfortable Living Room

Despite being small, this bed is accompanied by things that make it and the whole room look awesome including a hanging lamp, a wall shelf, a big window, and a wooden desk paired with a chair.

guest bed ideas window laptop table small bed shelf contemporary bedroom modern hanging lamp
Pure Style by Jerry Bussanmas

Another Bed under Shelves

This bed is also under shelves and it’s a bed for one guest meaning that it’s for guests who come alone and stay over.

guest bed ideas carpet pillow shelves books small table contemporary bedroom decorative plant
Diane Burgio Design

A Bed for a Rustic Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

This bed is in a rustic farmhouse with a wall lamp, a wooden ceiling, a wood floor, a carpet and a window up there.

guest bed ideas wood floor rustic farmhouse bedroom words pillows wall lamp
Kelly and Co. Design

A Bed for a Bright Guest Bedroom

This bed is one that’s the right option for you if you want to add a bed to a guest room that’s very bright in your house.

guest bed ideas pillows tables drawers lamps flower big window curtains painting beach style bedroom
Blackband Design

Another Wall Bed

The bed below is also a wall bed that can be hidden when not in use. The bed is for more than one person so it’s a nice bed to offer to guests who have families.

guest bed ideas table big windows bookshelf wall storage tv chairs pillows contemporary bedroom
Michael K Chen Architecture

Two Beds in One Guest Room

There are two beds in this guest room and you can adopt the idea if you have guests with kids who rarely get along with each other.

guest bed ideas big windows pillows two beds wood floor carpet table chair wall lamp ceiling fan farmhouse bedroom
John Cole Architect

A Bed with Wooden Frames in a Room with a Lot of Wood

This bed has wooden frames and it’s in a room with a lot of wood. This is a bed for guests who love everything with something to do with wood.

guest bed ideas pillows shelves wooden doors decorative plant contemporary room car miniature
Lake Country Builders

A Bed with Under-bed Storage

This bed comes with under-bed storage and it’s a nice bed you can incorporate into your guest bedroom if the room is rather small.

guest bed ideas drawers underbed storage pillows traditional kids bedroom table painting lamp
Seaside Interiors

A Big Bed and Two Smaller Beds

This big bed is in a bedroom that also has two smaller beds. This three beds are beds you can get inspirations from if you often have guests with kids.

guest bed ideas brown pillows lamps ladder small beds stones wooden walls rustic bedroom
Reitz Builders

A Small Bed Accompanied by a Curtain

This small bed that’s accompanied by a curtain is one you can get inspirations from if you often have guests who are husband and wife.

guest bed ideas wall storage curtain lamps transparent table flowers pillows transitional bedroom
White Webb

Three Beds in a Bedroom with Ladders

There are three beds in this bedroom with ladders and these beds can give you inspirations if your guests are often couples with little kids.

guest bed ideas three beds big windows ladders pillows chairs beach style bedroom ball wall storage lamps ceiling lights
Beach Dwellings

A Small Bed for a Small Guest Bedroom

This kind of small bed is the right kind of bed for you if you have a small guest bedroom and you want to include a bed in it.

guest bed ideas small size paintings window pillows traditional bedroom lamp table ceiling fan curtains
Jennifer Hernandez

Another Bed for a Rustic Bedroom

This bed is for a rustic bedroom and incorporating a bed like this into your guest bedroom is what you should consider doing if your guest bedroom is a rustic room.

guest bed ideas hats drawers table lamp pillows ladder wall lamps ceiling light chair
Locati Architects

A Bed for a Modern Bedroom

Now this is the kind of bed you should pick if a modern guest bedroom is what you’d love to provide for your guests.

guest bed ideas small table mirror flowers big window pillows lamp transitional bedroom carpet
Elayne Barre Photography

A Hidden Bed

Behold this awesome hidden bed concealed by folding doors, a bed for your guests who love anything that’s simply cool.

guest bed idea wooden walls pillows folding doors beach style bedroom ceiling lights
First Light Studio

Two Lovely Beds in One Bedroom

Two lovely beds in the same bedroom are nice things to offer to guests who stay over with their big families and thus, need a big room to stay in.

guest bed ideas wood floor transparent chairs big windows two lovely beds with blue frames pillows carpet ceiling fan lights painting tables
Matthew Bolt Graphic Design