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Floating Brown Wooden Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Floor, White Boxes Shelves, Bench, Pillows, Rug,
White Floating Shelves The Entire Wall Partition With Bookshelves Inside
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Kids Room, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Floating Bookcase, Rattan Boxes For Storage Under
Book Slings On Clothes Hang From Wooden Rail On The Wall
Five Lines Of Floating Bookcase Behind The Door
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White Floating Shelves, White Floating Table, White Midcentury Modern Chair

Bookcase is an important item in a house especially where people who live in the house love books. Teaching the kids to love books also means that there would be even more books, especially children books. However, children books are differently kept. It is supposed to be separated, obviously, and face the cover upward so that the children will be able to see and choose it if they want to read it. If you’re wondering what kind of bookcase you want for the children books in your house, these ones here will help you decide which one you want.

Floating Boxes
As children’s bookcase can be bulky, it is wise to make it light or position it in the right space. One of the place that you can try is the back of the door. Putting the floating bookcase behind the door will make the room feels as large as it used to be.

Above the Study Table
If you also prepare the study area for the children, it might be wise to put a floating bookcase above. With the books face their covers, it will be more fun for the study and the book choosing.

Above the Toy Storage
Similar to the previous one, this one here also located with another items in the room. Above the toy storage that can be used as reading nook, the floating bookcase can be the invitation for children to read more.

Compact Space
Similar to the previous one, this one also has storage under the bookcase where you can put toys inside the basket. This one has lighter look with the rattan basket hang on the rail under the bookcase.

Tall Floating Bookcase
Similar to one of the previous one, this one here also located behind the door. Built for much more books, the floating shelves are built tall. This way, if you have many books for children, you will be able to put it on display to invite them to read.

Small Floating Bookcase
If you love something that are small and pretty, this kind of bookcase might be perfect for you. Arranges prettily, it will be a pleasure in the eye both for children and the adults.

Entire Wall
Similar to the model before, this one here has displayed all the books interestingly. Not just behind the door but the entire wall partition that separated from more bookcase inside.

Sloping Bookcase
If you want to combine the bookcase for the adults and children together, you will love this set. Built in bookshelves for the adults on the wall are accompanied with sloping bookcase under for children’s bookcase. It is a completed bookcase for everyone in the house.

Book Sling
If you like to look different and something less permanent, you will love this book slings in the picture below. The permanent one is only the wooden rail and you can change the clothe if you want too.

Book Rail
Another idea that can help you keep the books is this one. With wooden rail, you can put the books dangling with the cover displayed out front.

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