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blue milk corner cabinets with drawer system white ceramic tiles floors white walls white trimmed window white granite countertop stainless steel sink stainless steel appliances CK Architects

Blue Milk Corner Cabinets With Drawer System White Ceramic Tiles Floors White Walls White Trimmed Window White Granite Countertop Stainless Steel Sink Stainless Steel Appliances
Open Concept Kitchen Solid Wood Corner Cabinet Integrated With Stainless Steel Appliances I Shaped Countertop Black Top Kitchen Island Integrated With Breakfast Bar Bar Stools
Open Concept Kitchen In Traditional Style Angled Cabinet Made Of Dark Hardwood Dark Hardwood Dining Furniture I Shaped Countertop With Dark Wood Cabinets Granite Top Kitchen Island With Under Storage
Bent Shaped Corner Cabinet In White With Raised Button Handles Made Of Metal
Transitional Kitchen Idea With Corner Cabinets Featuring With Corner Drawers In White Black Solid Surface Countertop Dark Ceramic Tiles Floors White Upper Cabinets White Ceramic Tiles Backsplash
Corner Cabinet & Shelves With Edge Moldings Feature
Farmhouse Kitchen Idea In White With White Upper Corner Cabinet Glossy Wood Countertop White Kitchen Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances Wood Framed Glass Windows
White Corner Cabinet Over The Farmhouse Sink In White Dark Gray Countertop Wood Top Kitchen Island With Storage And Stools Medium Toned Wood Floors Blue Walls With Decorative Tree Branches
Modern Rustic Kitchen Idea With Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Corner Cabinet Stainless Steel Appliances Black Top Kitchen Island With Storage A Couple Of Classic Pendant Lamps
Farmhouse Dining Room Idea With Glass Paneled Corner Cabinet Wooden Dining Furniture Terracotta Floors White Countertop & Black Counter Logs Ceilings White Walls Red And Blue Couches

Looking for the best series of corner cabinets for dining room? There are a lot of options of corner cabinets that fit your dining chairs and table. The followings are just the few of stylish and functional corner table products that may meet your personal taste. Just get them and save one or more than one items for completing your dining furniture.

An ideal eclectic dining and kitchen area with wooden corner cabinets addition. The series of wooden dining furniture are beautifully matched with the cabinets. Both have similar material and color, and they are accented by tribal area rug that fully covers terracotta floors. Lots of hues become the distinctive interest among clean white upper interior facade like walls, drapes, and ceilings.

Terracotta’s color tone always meets the wooden’s. This wooden corner cabinet system, for instance, looks prettily stylish after being featured with terracotta floors. Use white walls as a contrasting room divider. The exposed logs on ceilings and a handmade wall art are purposed as the accents for each part.

A couple of corner cabinet series with a window at the center. Here, the designer plays the colors and make them look so gorgeous after being collaborated one another. The cabinets, for example, are the focal points of room as they have the most striking and distinctive color scheme. They additionally have the most interesting features of storage, that’s why they’re able to be used for displaying as well as storing the decorative items.

An example of great country-style dining room with wooden corner cabinet. The cabinet’s glass panel is designed to expose the displayed items (they may be lots of decorative dishware collections or used dishware). It’s obviously stated that this corner cabinet isn’t merely a decorative unit, but it’s also a functional one.

Enjoy the delicious dishes in such luxurious & contemporary dining room. The whole parts of room are intentionally designed in dominant white to create clean & airy atmosphere. A built-in corner cabinet unit is also designed with flat doors. This storage space is completed with the wine rack accented by soft peach-toned inner panel. And another most interesting part is the dining table in which it’s supported with transparent plexiglass base.

A Tuscan-themed dining room with rustic dining furniture & corner cabinet. Round dining table and shabby corner cabinet are the two crucial items that emerge the rustic appeal.

This corner cabinet system presents two different color schemes: original wood color for base and white color paint for top. The color combination, of course, creates beautifully distinctive tone, makes them applicable for any dining room styles. Glass doors accented by white trims are the decorations, and textured white panel for the inner & center part of cabinet is designed to make an accent background of displayed shelves.

This dining room remodel has the goal of deserving the genuine style of Spanish Revival. It emphasizes plenty of colored tiles and dark hardwood uses (for achieving traditional-custom interior elements, including the dining furniture and the corner cabinet).

A Southwestern-style dining room with plastered fireplace and corner cabinet system. The dark-toned interior accessories & furniture match the beige walls and terracotta floors, creating the warmth and comfortable nuance. The corner cabinet here looks so much more charming when it’s collaborated with round-shaped decorative mirror. Both are gorgeous focal points.

This one may be called a corner kitchen counter integrated with cabinet system. Such design is actually common to use. The cabinet consists of two sections with different height. The unit, also, is finished in white but not the backsplash. The designer chooses textured gray backplash to make it distinctive to others. The chosen color is also contrasting to the floors which are darker and glossier.

It’s marvelous! I-shaped kitchen idea with flat-panel corner cabinet system finished by light wood. The kitchen cabinet and breakfast bar are so lovely; both are so simple and inviting. Such design is best recommended if you want to own an open concept kitchen where we can welcome our guests in this room. The breakfast bar can also be used a nice spot of entertaining the guests.

An eating area featuring a corner cabinet – the eating area consists of a corner bench with a side door and drawer features. The dining table is made of solid white oak (in quarter-sawn shape). The cabinet, on the other hands, includes the enclosed shelves with glass door (for the top) and flat-panel cabinets (for the bottom).

This idea is a modern eating area in an open concept kitchen. To fulfill the needs of storage space, the designer provides huge flat-panel cabinets at one of room’s corners. This corner cabinet is made of solid wood and accented by stainless steel kitchen appliances.

A recessed corner cabinet with glass door always fits for U-shaped open concept kitchen and eating area like in this picture. The cabinet is installed over the sink and it’s available for storing the dishware.

An angled cabinet made of dark hardwood and accented by transparent glass door. With such door, it’s possible to see the exposed collections inside the cabinets. That’s why this kind of storage system is a good choice for storing the decorative dishware.

This corner cabinet is equipped with a recessed oven and open shelves. White is chosen as the major color tone to create a larger visual effect. All items are in perfect condition. Overall, it fits for a mixture of modern and mid century kitchen & dining room.

A recessed cabinet under the sink is also a good idea to utilize and to make a limited space much more effective. Make sure that you’ve chosen the right color schemes for the cabinet and other items surrounding. Like this one, clean white corner cabinet is beautifully collaborated with original white countertop and sink.

A trendy open concept kitchen equipped with dark hardwood corner cabinets, multicolored backsplash, and white granite countertop. Feature it with trendy dining furniture which is completed with several bar stools.

This dining room’s concept is a farmhouse/ country revival. The whole interior is designed in country style, including all furniture sets; and there are two units of corner cabinet with different model placed in this room. Both are built from different wood specimen and finishing. The goal is to create a distinctive look over the dining furniture.

This transitional kitchen design has been featured with flat-paneled corner cabinet system in white, elegant black countertop, double sinks, and purely white backsplash. Another spot is a set of contemporary kitchen island plus chairs with black and white as the main color schemes.

Corner cabinet idea with flat panel – all cabinets are in glossy white, giving elegant but simple physical look. Such color choice, of course, becomes a neutral tone that fits for any color tone options including the earthy brown and natural wood color as what has been applied on island’s base, under cabinet system, and flooring system.

Corner cabinet idea is also applicable for a kitchen with an eating-area as the additional feature. Like in this picture, the corner cabinets are merely installed at the bottom; whereas the upper side is the existing windows, an effective feature for providing the natural lights from outside.

An eat-in-kitchen with white corner cabinet in separated installation and L-shaped countertop. The room looks simple but elegant with porcelain floors and a kitchen island. As described in this picture, the floors and walls have similar tone of color, beige; by contrast, all storage systems are finished in white. Both color tones give soft, elegant, simple, and clean visual effect. Such color tones really fit for small-space kitchen or eating area with airy atmosphere.

The corner cabinets are commonly supported with corner drawers which are installed between on the corner cabinets. These drawers are the pull-out ones from the corner. They’re accessible and helpful when a user wants to take something inside these storage systems.

Optimize unused space at the corner just by installing such cabinets and shelves. The larger shelf can be used for placing a microwave or even a TV set for entertaining. The top and bottom can be designed as the book shelves and cabinets.

The corner cabinets are also effective to access the clean and ready-to-use dishware stored on these cabinets. It’s also space-efficient, so it’s a good option for a small kitchen.

Reclaim your kitchen’s corner. This idea is really good for you who can’t want to move far further just for grabbing or reaching the dishware you need. The corner cabinets and drawers are the best solution for storing and organizing your dishware collections.

This lovely corner cabinet. It seems like a magic corner storage inserted in the base of kitchen countertop. This cabinet features the light wires for each section’s base, so we can see all items have fallen down. Such cabinet’s interior design also gives a sense of well-organized look. You can use this cabinet for storing and organizing the dishware or cooking tools.

This is a blind corner cabinet or magic corner. Such idea of corner cabinet is commonly applied for contemporary kitchens and equipped with lightweight wood base surrounded by light wire fences. Add the flat panel on the surface of cabinet’s door to make the user easier in opening and closing the cabinet.

The color looks like milk color but in blue. This color is selected for the corner cabinets and it’s nice to be combined with clean & purely white (applied on granite countertop, wall system, and decorative window).

To optimize the vacant space at the corner of kitchen, a corner cabinet becomes one of best recommendations for you. Not only it can take up the wasted space, it also provides an extra & deep storage space. Choose the material of cabinet that similarly fits other cabinet system in the kitchen.

A corner sink with a corner cabinet at its base may not effectively maximize the space, but it can work much better if there is a nice natural view involved. Feature it with extra-large counter surface and it might be the finest kitchen decor that can be proudly presented to the neighbors.

A corner cabinet to the kitchen’s ceiling, why not? This idea is still worth owning the additional storage option on top. Such idea cabinet may be called a corner ceiling-height cabinet unit. Visually, this cabinet helps to create the larger space visual effect.

Utilize the unused space under the corner sink just by installing a corner cabinet that’s similarly designed as perfect as the kitchen cabinets. The frameless glass windows behind the sink are the good plan to add fresher view to see when working in this spot. Be sure that you’ve chosen the right cabinet height to make it optimal to reach and to use.

Build extra storage by installing a ceiling-height corner cabinet. If you want to maximize the little wasted space at the base-corner kitchen’s area, a corner drawer system is also good option to try. Both will provide extra storage space without taking up other spaces, so such storage options are really effective and applicable for small kitchens.

How amazing this corner cabinet is! This storage unit is applicable for the ‘dead’ corner which is usually unused. With creative and great idea of design, bent-drawers are best choice for such corner drawers. Raised handles are also lovely; these handles absolutely make us easier to pull them in and out.

Just look at the design; it’s actually ordinary but effective for storage addition. A unit of corner cabinet can consist of two different sections: larger storage spaces and smaller ones commonly on top. The cabinet’s doors are designed as the bent-shaped panels in order to be matched with the cornered space.

Elegant reclaimed corner cabinet idea – a smart choice for a limited-space kitchen. This cabinet is made of walnut which is painted in dark-toned wood color. The color choice really matches with HD laminated countertop. As it’s custom-made, you can order such corner cabinet based on your need.

An adorable white ceiling-height corner cabinet – It’s designed diagonally and supported with artistic glass door. Based on its size, this cabinet can potentially be large-space storage solution.

A rounded corner cabinet in white – this is an inspiration for a contemporary kitchen and eating area. The cabinet is a built-in cabinet model with the raised handles. The size makes it possible as a huge-space storage solution.

This is an example of a farmhouse kitchen idea with upper-corner cabinet. Black handles here add the accent color for each cabinet, including the corner cabinet. Then, glossy wood countertop is intentionally involved to give the warmth and natural look among the light fixtures.

An inspiring modern rustic kitchen idea featuring a floor-to-ceiling corner cabinet – the cabinet has the raised panels and earthy wood-colored finishing. Such finishing, of course, gives rustic appeal, especially for the kitchen furniture.

Gray corner cabinet under the sink also looks so interesting when it’s combined with white applied on paneled kitchen fixtures and interior facade. Both are neutral and pure, so they can be collaborated with colorful accessories.

The thing that makes this corner cabinet & shelves special is the edge molding use for each unit of shelf’s & cabinet’s edges. These decorative moldings not only add the new feature, but they also give the texture and structure.

Perhaps, this corner cabinet is too blue for many people, but when it is collaborated with grey, you’ll get an artistic old grey color tone. The corner cabinet with drawers is designed up and up to ceiling. The top one is good spot for a microwave or TV.

This classic kitchen idea has been completed with luxurious white cabinet system, including a corner glass-door cabinet. Moldings over cabinets tie them up to the ceilings.

white beaded inset cabinet idea with bottom drawer addition white farmhouse sink & faucet white kitchen cabinets dark toned wood floors red brick tiles backsplash

Your Front Porch

Such corner cabinet can also be called a beaded inset storage unit. A single drawer is added at the bottom to give an extra storage space as well as an accessory. White color choice here is used to make it obviously contrasts to the red brick tiles backsplash.

Do you prefer a corner cabinet for your kitchen and dining room? This design may attract your personal taste. Such cabinet model can be applied in both: lower & upper corner cabinet. The upper one is available for storing & organizing the smaller cooking/ eating properties, whereas the lower one is much applicable for storing & organizing the bigger cooking/ eating properties or daily supplies.

This corner cabinet offers three sections of drawers which can be the accessible storage solution. They have unique look, especially the doors. They also add a well-organized element in the corner where the wasted space has ever been existed before.

Black-finished kitchen idea featuring upper & lower corner cabinets. The color choice brings the ultimate luxury even more when it’s collaborated with grey ceramic tiles backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

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