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square blue velvet daybed, white seating, pillows, pink blanket PBTeen

Wooden Daybed With Cornered Back, White Cushion, Pillows, Grey Rug
Small Thin Wooden Daybed Platform With Rest, White Cushion, Pillows, White Rug
Long Daybed With Wooden Bench, Blue Cushione, Wallppaer, White Pendant, Wooden Floor
Wooden Bed Platform, Black Cushion, Pillows, Near The Window
Square Blue Velvet Daybed, White Seating, Pillows, Pink Blanket
Daybed With Wooden Platform, White Cushion, Pillows, White Rug, White Rall
Daybed With White Bed Platform, White Fluffy Cushion, Pillows, Plant, White Side Table, White Rug
White Wooden Daybaed, Trundle, Grey Cushion, White Rug, White Floor Lamp
Wooden Rattan Daybed Platform, Grey Cushion, Pillows, Brown Rug
Wooden Daybed, White Pillows, White Cover

Having the best sofa means having the most comfortable sofa that you can sit around or even take a nap. It is important to have the sofa that can support what you want from the fluffiness and the size. And these below are exactly what you need when you try to look for one that can suit your living room.

Neutral Daybed
This simple and neutral daybed can be put anywhere you want in the house. Although, you might want to put it in the location where you can take a nap peacefully. With its tufted cushion, it will be really comfortable sleeping.

Modern Daybed
Daybed has the best size and shape for you to take a nap and to read your book. Thus, putting a daybed near the source of light can be a great idea. It is perfect for you who prefer to have short-time nap.

Comfort End
This one here offers everything you need when you want a sofa and a bed. It gives you space to put your things and it gives you low arm rest to give your head a good rest. Despite the practicality, it has minimalist and warm look that you can put in all kind of room.

Long Daybed
In this long daybed, not only that you can take some nap, so can your friend. It is also a great place to hang out with friends in long conversations.

Natural and Fresh
This one offers a light and natural look with this unique and simple wooden platform. The white cushion and neutral pillows add layers to the comfort.

Boho Daybed
If you’re looking for a daybed that will match bohemian style, this one here can be the perfect option. The natural force of wood and rattan displays boho spirit so strongly. You can add fringe blanket if you think it’s not enough.

Trundle Inside
If you love to hold sleepover for children, daybed with trundle can be the best answers to your challenge. You can choose something simple like this one here that you can put anywhere in the house.

Velvety Daybed
For those who love to have comfort, this velvet daybed will be their favorite. The size is big and deep that you can sleep even when you sit. With its pastel color and soft surface, this one will look and feel great in the house with comfortable look.

White Cover
While daybed has been endearing enough just in its own design, putting pretty covers on it can make it even more beautiful. This one here successfully pull out a neutral, simple, and sweet look from the cover alone.

Cornered Daybed
If you love to go simple and minimalist, this one here will help you get the look. With its neutral color, it can stay in the minimalist and modern room. The cornered back is interesting whether you put it in the corner of to make it as an armrest.

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