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wooden floating shelves, white wall, wooden floor, white bottom cabinet white counter top, grey fridge Futurist Architecture

Kitchen, White Wall, Tiny Tiles Backsplash, Mint Green Cabinet With Wooden Top, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Floor
Floating Shelves, Dark Green Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, White Counter Top, Grey Floor, Red Rug, Sconces
Kitchen, White Square Wall Tiles, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Uneven Upper Shelves, Grey Marble Top, White Island
Kitchen, White Cabinet With Grey Counter Top, White Wall, Floating Shelves,
Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Island, Wooden Stools, Rattan Pendant
Kitchen, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Pink Corner Shelves, Wooden Floor
Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet White Counter Top, Grey Fridge
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Windows
Corner Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet With White Counter Top
Floating Shelves, Grey Accent Wall, Wooden Cabinet With White Counter Top

Kitchen is a place to create. And this creation is done under hot air and sometimes strong smell. However, it is not all a kitchen can do. To create and to serve the food, it needs so many supports from the plates to the ingredients. That is why a kitchen needs to have as much storage as it can get. This is so that the space in the kitchen can look large and comfortable to move around as you cook, especially when your kitchen is also a place to gather with your family each morning. You will want to make sure that your kitchen looks clean, tidy comfortable for many people. These below are ten practical shelves in the kitchen that will help you in storage.

Uneven Stairs
This shelves presents a really interesting sight with uneven shelves like boxes. With the wall is installed shelves instead of cabinet, the wall feels light and open. This is perfect for you who love open space. The uneven line gives more interesting note.

Floating Simply
Adding accent wall in the kitchen would be a great touch to the kitchen, especially when the kitchen looks contrast to the accent. This one here puts simple floating shelves to the accent wall and create nice storage that matches the cabinet below.

Corner Wooden Shelves
This wooden shelves is amazing. With the shape that matches perfectly with the corner of the cabinet, it brings an interesting ambiance to the kitchen. The soft mint green cabinet puts a neutral yet more colorful note.

Corner Floating Shelves
Another interesting shelf is seen in this one with its cornered design. Furthermore, the shape is also interesting with its wooden roof that makes this one has two rows where you can store your mugs or plates.

Simple Kitchen
In a simple kitchen with simple colors like this one, simple floating shelves really matches the ambiance. It blends well with the surrounding. This combination creates a nice and light atmosphere.

Above the Window
This one here has interesting way of placing the simple floating shelves. The neutral white kitchen puts a calming and relaxing atmosphere without anything that looks too bold. And the simple wooden floating shelf is placed above the window, giving the window some space to bring in bright light.

Pink Corner
Similar to one of the previous one, this one puts pink shelves that matches the corner of the cabinet. This saves the space beautifully. And with many cabinet and shelves, this kitchen surely has lots of space to store things.

Floating Narrow Shelves
Even in narrow wall, floating shelves can look so good. This one here stacks the floating shelves and creates an interesting combination.

Outer Side
If you make your kitchen in one area in order to put some space clean, this space can be used to create a nice and clean storage shelves like this one here.

Fresh Look
The kitchen below has a really fresh look with glass windows on the wall and ceiling that give bright light to the white kitchen. The floating shelves looks perfect in this setting.

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