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kitchen, brown floor tiles, wooden cabinet, grey backsplash, white sea picture island with marble top Inside Out CDC

Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Backsplash, White Sea Picture Island With Marble Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, Warm Brown Yelow Wall, White Framed Window, Blue White Backsplash Tiles, Bue Roman Shades, White Island, White Top, White Sink
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Wooden Island With Grey Marble, White Cabinet, White Subways Tiles
Kitchen, Wooden Table, Wooden Island With White Marble Top, White Cabinet, Blue Backsplash, Wooden Chairs, White Chairs
Dark Kitchen, Dark Brown Cabinet, Dark Wooden Shelves With Wooden Bars Cover, Blue Watery Countertop And Backsplash
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Island With Marble Top, Wooden Stool With White Backs, Blue Seating, White Cabinets, White Countertop, Blue Backsplash, Blue Chandelier
Kitchen, Dark Wooden Floor, Wooden Stools, White Wooden Boat Shaped Island With Brown Wooden Top. White Cabinets, Grey Countertop, White Wall, White Cupboards, White Ceiling
Kitchen, White Floor Tiles, Blue Glass Island, Wooden Cabinet, Wihte Counter Top, White Cabinet, Pendants, Metal Stool With Blue Cushions
Kitchen, Light Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Wooden Island, White Wall, White Subway Backsplash ,rattan High Shairs Blue Cushion, Blue Marble Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Island, White Stools With Striped Blue White Cushion, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Kitchen Counter Top, Glass Pendants

When natural color combines with fresh blue color, a color scheme that will remind you of a beach will come. White foam, blue sea, yellow sun, wooden trees are some of the natural things that can create the warmth of a beach. Seeing them in a kitchen will make the kitchen feels bright, airy, and warm at the same time. Here are some inspirations that will make a kitchen looks bright.

Blue Stripes
Changing a white room into a room with beach note is not too difficult. It all can be done by adding blue accent to the room. Seen below is a kitchen with major white color in the room with glossy and glass surface. Added with stripes blue and white on the stool, and the room looks amazingly fresh.

Twinkling Sea
White and blue are strong colors to make beach look, especially the glossy one that will remind you of a shiny surface of the sea, like this one here. Added with wooden chairs on the wooden island, the other characteristics of beach look come in. And, to finish the touch is a bowl in shell shaped.

Blue Wave
Adding blue to the already white surface kitchen is indeed interesting. However, to step even further is adding glossy blue glass to the island look on the island, as seen in this one. Metal stools that accompany the island is a pretty one with matching blue cushion.

Water Counter Top
Another thing that will make a kitchen has strong character of fresh water is this watery look counter top that continues to the backsplash. Among the dark look of the kitchen, this watery look is a fresh injection to the room. It feels like looking to the deep sea.

Boat in the Kitchen
Of course colors can give significance difference to the room. However, another thing that can also give a powerful impact to the room is the decoration or what inside the room, say a boat. Seen in this warm and interesting kitchen is an island with boat shape. The curvy lines of the boat is indeed an interesting note.

Under the Sea
Besides a boat, the view under the sea can also be transported into the kitchen, as seen in the picture below. Having a bright and beautiful shadows on the sea will make your kitchen feels so fresh and beautiful. The neutral wooden cabinets here are looking so beautiful.

Warm Sea
Similar to the previous one, this one too has major white color on the cabinet and island mostly and added blue accent on the backsplash and roman shades that give a beautiful view.

Subtle Blue
Although light or sky blue can create beach look, it does not mean that it is limited to that kind of blue. The subtle blue on the marble here is strong enough to pull out beach look, along with the white cabinet and island and also rattan chairs.

Illuminating Chandelier
Besides the popular white cabinets and blue accents, chandeliers can hold an important touch to a room’s look too. Seen in this picture, the blue glass chandeliers radiate strong gleam to the room and gives beautiful shadow look to the ceiling.

Blue Island
Added color like blue have an important role in a kitchen with beach look. This one here has blue island to strengthen the statement while having blue glass pendants and another blue accessories.

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