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light blue sink, undermounted, white marble counter top, white subway backsplash, white cabinet, black marble counter DIY Network

Light Blue Sink, Undermounted, White Marble Counter Top, White Subway Backsplash, White Cabinet, Black Marble Counter
Black Marble Sink, Black Marble Counter Top, Black Cabinet, Red Hexagonal Brick
Wooden Sink, Blue Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet
Gey Sink, Wooden Cabinet, Brown Counter Top, Cream Backsplash, Stainless Faucet
Black Undermounted Sink, Wooden Counter Top, Stainless Faucet, Black Cabinet, White Vertical Wooden Wall, Wooden Window Sill
Black Double Sink, White Marble Counter Top, White Bottom Cabinet, White Cabinet
Stainless Undermount Sink, Black Marble Counter Top, Wooden Counter, Stainless Faucet
Navy Undermounted Sink, White Counter Top, Navy Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Golden Faucet
Copper Carved Kitchen Sink, White Bottom Cabinet, White Vertical Subway Backsplash Tiles
White Sink, White Cabinet, White Exposed Brick, White Framed Window

Sink is an obligation in a kitchen. A kitchen without sink would be really impractical. There would be so much difficulties in washing your vegetables, preparing your food and washing the utensils. As it is important to have kitchen sink, it comes also to choosing the prettiest sink that would not only completing the kitchen practicality but also gives some additional beautiful view in the room. Here below are ten pretty kitchen sinks you will love.

Elegant Copper
Adding something elegant will always create a new vibe in the traditional or even minimalist kitchen. This one here puts an interesting copper sink with flowery carvings on the surface that makes the sink look even more elegant.

Charcoal Marble
Marble has always been a strong point with its natural soft look. However, in black, marble makes even stronger point. And putting it as kitchen sink not like what others do, brings in a brilliant aura around. Completed with golden faucet like this one, the elegance cannot be denied.

Black Sink
With white marble counter and backsplash, putting black sink in the middle has brought a bold look into the elegant and minimalist look in this one. With double sink and drainboard, it will be easy to manage everything you want to do with the sink.

White Vintage Sink
In this vintage kitchen, the white kitchen sink with washboard is a perfect choice. Blends very well with white marble counter top, cabinet, window frame and sill. Coming into this kitchen would feel like coming to a comfortable traditional home.

Modern Sink
If you love to create modern look with all the shiny clean crisp feeling, you would love to add stainless sink like this. It is working really well with the glossy black counter and looking sharp and clean.

Wooden Sink
For a farmhouse kitchen, this would be a perfect choice. The warmth and texture would bring even more comfort. But, not only for farmhouse kitchen, this one here is also perfect for rustic kitchen with apparent reasons.

Grey sink
A smooth and minimalist sink can blend with any kind of kitchen. This grey sleek sink looks awesome around the warm rustic cabinet and counter. With drainboard and cutting board on the sink, it is perfect for those who love to cook.

Undermounted Sink
This black sink, like one of the previous one, is installed undermounted. This way, it brings lighter mood to the kitchen, especially when it has strong notion with black cabinet and wooden counter top.

Navy Sink
This one also puts an interesting touch to the room with its strong contrast. The navy undermounted sink looks strong and bold around this white countertop. Matched with navy cabinet, the sink is in the perfect place.

Light Blue
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses an interesting blue sink that looks so bold around the neutral and minimalist marble and cabinet. Installed undermounted, the blue sink puts a bolder show.

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