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Kitchen, Patterned Rug, White Wooden Backsplash, Wooden Counter Top, White Apron Sink, Blue Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Upper Cabinet, White Backsplash, Blue Bottom Cabinet,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Cabinet, White Counter Top
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, Black Wall, White Backsplash, Blue Cabinet, White Marble Counter Top, White Apron Sink
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Marble Wall, Blue Bottom Cabinet, Marble Counter Top, Blue Island With Wooden Top, Shelves On The Window
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Blue Bottom Cabinet, White Shiplap Wall, White Counter Top, White Apron Sink, White Shelves, Golden Sconces
Kitchen, Dark Marble Floor, White Cabinet, Blue Cabinet, White Subway Tiles, Golden Pendantm Black Marble Counter Top
Kitchen, Dark Floor, Red Rug, Blue Bottom Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Upper Cabinet, White Apron Sink, Golden Handler And Faucet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Shiplap, Blue Cabinet With White Marble Counter Top, Blue Wooden Island With Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Wooden Cabinet, White Ceiling, Blue Island With White Counter Top, Blue Pendant

Blue has been one of the easiest colors to combine with. It gives calm, comfort and fresh look too sometimes. Getting blue to your rooms is difficult to fail because it is that easy. And because of its calm and relaxing ambiance, it is a favorite in the bedroom. And it is, then, understandable that a room with fire and in need of concentration like kitchen uses blue to calm the room a little bit. The beautiful blue combination in the kitchen can be seen in these pictures below.

Classic Blue
In this traditional kitchen, blue color seen in the middle island looks soft and strong at the same time. Surrounded by white cabinet, this blue island makes an outstanding and calm center. Combined also with black marble counter top, this kitchen brings out deep ambiance.

Modern Blue
This modern kitchen brings warm and neutral ambiance through the wooden material and the white backsplash and upper cabinet. The warm blue bottom cabinet creates an interesting big line in the kitchen. The easy look makes the room feel airy and perfect.

Soft Traditional
Also using the traditional look, this one here puts a calming ambiance with soft blue shade on the bottom cabinet. Completed with white counter top and another white color to the ceiling, this soft shade puts a strong impression.

Dark Blue
Unlike the previous ones with bright or soft shade of blue, this one here puts a strong anchor with dark blue bottom cabinet. The white wooden wall and floating shelves looks even brighter in this white-navy combination.

Small Traditional Blue
In this small kitchen, the space is beautifully decorated with blue wooden look. Combined with white shiplap wall and pendant, the small space brings out a fresh look in this warm setting.

Bright Blue
Contrast to the previous one, this one here has large space that has lifted the crowded pressure. However, with bright blue cabinet along this wall, the kitchen enhances even more airy feeling, especially with bright windows.

Old Look
This farmhouse kitchen looks so traditional with its apron sink, details on the cabinet, the chandelier and the shelves in front of the window that allows interesting light to come in. The blue color brings more refreshed feeling to the traditional setting.

New Blue
Although this kitchen has farmhouse cabinet, the setting looks so new that it looks fresh. The blue cabinet brightens the room along with the glass window. The black wall is practical for leaving some notes too.

Simple Old Look
This one also brings out old and traditional look out of this small space kitchen. However, with neutral and soft blue combination, this room looks amazing and bright. The details in the curtain and rug brings out more beauty but do not ruin the airy look.

Fun Blue
This kitchen also brings out airy ambiance through the white and blue combination. It gives comfortable and fresh look at the same time.

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