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Tall Vaulted Ceiling, Glass Ceiling Window, Dark Wooden Floor, White Black Plaid Floor, White Wall, Chandelier, Black Sofa, Colorful Pillows
White Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Horizontal Beams, Blue Sofa, Brown Ottoman, Blue Rug, Wooden Floor, Pendants
White Vaulted Ceiling, White Wooden Beams, White Pendants, White Cabinet, White Island, Wooden Floor
Vaulted Ceiling, Yellow Lights On The Ceiling, Brown Floor, Black Sofa, Stairs
Vaulted Ceiling, Glass Ceiling Windows, Interesting Pendants With Metal, White Wall, Wooden Counter, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Island With White Top
White Vaulted Ceiling, Glass Pendants, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Black Chairs, Black Sofa, White Chairs
White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, White Wall, Black Wooden Floor, White Cream Sofa, Glass Cube Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, Black Wall Planks, Bulb Pendants, Marble Counter Top, Grey Island, Wooden Floor
White Vaulte Ceiling, Chandelier, Glass Bulb Pendants, White Cabinet, Grey Island With Wooden Counter, Wooden Stools
White Vaulted Ceiling, Glass Ceiling Windows, White Pendants, Blue Island With White Counter, Grey Floor

HAving vaulted ceiling is like having the prestige to have a brilliant ceiling. It means spacier ceiling, better air circulation and better lighting. With vaulted ceiling, your room will look brighter and larger. However, this can also means that you will have more room to decorate. With this large space, you would need brilliant lighting fixtures to make sure that your room will look great not only at the bottom but also when you look up to the ceiling. Here below are ten stunning lighting fixtures you will love to decorate your vaulted ceiling.

Grand Ceiling
This vaulted ceiling looks so grand with white wooden planks and exposed wooden beams. The contrast and textures give traditional and rich details to the room. And for this grand ceiling, chandelier is the perfect answer. Blends perfectly well with the traditional look, this chandelier is accompanied with more modern touches with glass bulbs pendants.

With Wooden Beams
As vaulted ceiling sometimes can be so high and tall, wooden beams like this one can help to bring closer the light at night. With wooden horizontally installed like this one, beam fixture can bring the room brighter. For a modern look, this is perfect and less expensive.

Graded Bulbs
With high ceiling, the space that is free to decorate is vertical. And this one here fills the vertical space with graded glass bulbs as lighting fixture and successfully fill the space in beautiful lights.

White Pendants
For this white tall ceiling in the kitchen, white pendants are used to complete the space with a beautiful blend. For the farmhouse kitchen, the white covered pendant brings in traditional feeling as well.

Iron Frame
This minimalist kitchen has an interesting dramatic tall ceiling that brings fresh ambiance to the kitchen. The tall ceiling with glass ceiling window has dramatic iron framed pendants which brings grandeur to the minimalist kitchen.

Globe Chandelier
In this large living room, the ambiance is fresh not only because of the ceiling but also the space under the ceiling and the glass window that shows beautiful natural view. And this fresh setting is completed with iron globe chandelier.

Yellow Tinge
This vaulted ceiling puts a simple setting that can go really well no matter how the room under looks like. However, the yellow tinge projected from the corner of the ceiling puts an unusual brilliant look.

Small White Tulip
In this kitchen with vaulted ceiling, the ceiling has been really brilliant with glass ceiling windows that send bright light to the room. The small tulip pendants balance the amazing ceiling to tone down.

Glass Bulb
For a rustic kitchen like this one below, glass bulb pendants might be a perfect way to balance the rustic feeling with modern look. The wooden vaulted ceiling looks so strong and the glass bulbs do not make it less rustic.

Glass Cube
The elegant and luxurious living room below has an interesting finish with glass cube pendants on the tall vaulted ceiling. The glass cubes bring fresh and bright look.

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