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large kitchen with wooden floor, black wooden cabinet and island with white marble top, black stool, open brick wall, ,glass wall, wooden chair and table Living Etc

Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, Blue Wooden Island With White Top, Glass Pendant, Grey Cabinet With White Top, Blue Chairs And Brown Dining Set
Kitchen, Grey Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Island And Cabinet With White Top, White Tiles Backsplash, Black Pendants, White Cabinet, Large Glass Windows
Kitchen, Chevron Wooden Floor, Dark Blue Cabinet, White Top, White Wall, White Marble Backsplash, White Framed Glass Wall, Wooden Stool, White Pendant
Kitchen, Black Floor, Black Wooden Cabinet, Black Kitchen Top, Glass Window On Stove Wall, Black Island, Black Stool
Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Off White Cabinet, Yellow Siland With White Op And Side, Orange Stool, Industrial Naked Pendants, Lare Glass Wall
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Marble Kitchen Top, White Marble Island, Wire Stool, White Pendants, White Ceiling, Large Windos
Kitchen, Brown Floor, Brown Wooden Floating Island, Glass Cage Island With Wooden Top, Glass Square Cage Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, White Top
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Copper Island With Shelves Drawer, White Top, White Backsplash, Grey Wall, Black Shelves, Brown Cabinet, Wooden Stools
Large Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Cabinet And Island With White Marble Top, Black Stool, Open Brick Wall, ,glass Wall, Wooden Chair And Table
Farmhouse Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Ashen Wooden Look On Islan With Black Top, Open Brick Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beam, White Cover Pendant, Floating Shelves

As the new year passed, people tend to think to start new again. Starting new with more fresh and brighter looks in the kitchen can be helped by adding large glass windows. However, because renovating can mean a large sum of money, people will look for inspirations first. And below are some beautiful inspirations for you who want to renovate, or just want to staring at these dreamy kitchens.

Elegant Look
For those who love classic and elegant look, this one here has what you need perfectly. White exquisite marble on the kitchen top and island helps this kitchen to have the luxurious touch. The large glass wall helps accentuate everything in maximum.

Relaxing Kitchen
With large glass window or glass wall, any room will look larger, especially when it also has high ceiling, like this one here. This kitchen looks bright and airy. The natural element indoor complements natural elements from outdoor. It feels so serene to have natural look continuing inside outside.

Elegant Modern
Although being modern often means that we use minimalist and simple look, but being modern in look can also be gained with elegant touch like marble. Completed with white wall, ceiling and island top, this kitchen looks minimalist in look, only off white, white, and dark blue in the kitchen. With large glass windows, the room feels more alive.

Colorful Modern Look
While modern look has a limited color to accompany the room, this one here applies yellow under the island matched with orange stool. The clean lines and minimalist furniture has brought the kitchen a modern look.

Warm Traditional
Farmhouse has been a great way to maintain the traditional look as well as the warmth in the room. This one here combines traditional and natural look together that it has great warmth in the middle of the bright room.

Opened Kitchen
When talking about and open room, it usually means a room with open concept that it has no partition to the other room. However, what can be seen here is a kitchen with an openness acquired from the tall glass door, opened rolling door, and glass ceiling that, combined, creates a feeling of cooking in the open air. The brown coperrish color on the island and cabinet looks stunning together with black and white furniture.

Black Kitchen
An interesting trend from 2018, black kitchen, might continue to 2019. It’s because of the irresistible look that black has created. Seen in this kitchen, black has taken place on the floor, island, cabinet, and even chair. Plus, the opened glass door to the green patio has brought amazing touch to the kitchen as well.

Luxurious Minimalist
The minimalist touch on the furniture with sleek and clean lines will still be a favorite thing to do in 2019. The clean and tidy look that it creates have made a practical feeling too. Seen in this kitchen, the clean and smooth surface seen in the island and cabinet are really endearing. The interesting glass square cage on pendants and island are light and amazing.

Fresh Blue
While the previous ones are more elegant and luxurious, this one here is more cheerful. With its blue island match with blue dining chair on the other side, this room looks positive and ready to start a fresh day, especially with glass wall and door that allows as muchlight as it can.

Contrast Blue
While the previous one uses blue on a white surrounding, this one here uses blue as a strong touch towards it dark surrounding. The thin and clean lines on the room can come too stark but with blue, it is more fun to look.

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