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kitchen, grey floor, blue island, white top, wooden stool, golden lines for foot rest Design Within Reach

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Marble Island, White Subway Tiles Backsplash, Black Cover Pendants, Greenish Grey Cabinet, Wooden Round Bar Stool With Black Geomterical Metal Legs
Wooden Bar Stool With Curvy Sleek Back, Brown Floor, Tosca Island With Wooden Top
Kitchen, Blue Island With Blue Marble Top, Glass Pendants, White Cabinet, White Backsplash Tiles
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Top, Black Wood Planks Wall, White Marble Backsplash, Wooden Stool With Metal Legs
Black Modern Bar Stool In Wooden Top Table Island, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Modern Kitchen, Black Cabinet, Black Cupboard, Ceiling Glass
Kitchen, White Floor, Brown Thin Seating, Golden Metal Legs
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Blue Island, White Top, Wooden Stool, Golden Lines For Foot Rest
Chic Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Brown Island, White Top, Copper Stools With Woven Back
Bar Stools With White Seating On Rattan Legs, White Island, White Cover Pendants, White Cabinet, White Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Island With White Porceilain Top, White Wall, White Cabinet, Geometric Pendants, Rattan Stool With White Round Seating

For a large kitchen, the presence of a kitchen island is really important. As kitchen island is a place where people talk between all the preparing and cooking, it will be more comfortable to have stools or chairs around the island. And here below are some ideas on what kind of bar stool and island kitchen that can give both the function and beauty of itself.

White Studded
A simple choice in completing kitchen island is with bar stool. Although it sounds simple, the design and details of the bar stool, it can look totally different from one look to another look. Seen in this one here is a pretty white wooden bar stool with white velvet seating studded to the wood. It looks expensive and match the beautiful kitchen look overall.

Geometric Legs
The interesting part of bar stool is either in the seating or in the legs. And with black geometric legs like this one here, the wooden seating looks amazingly complemented. The modern look of geometric pattern legs is balanced with the round wooden seating.

Disguised Look
This is one interesting kitchen with ashen look on bottom half: light wooden floor, cabinet, and island. The bar stool on the island matches the island both seating and metal legs. It creates an interesting color distribution in the kitchen. And the stool itself looks simple and pretty.

Rattan Bar
To create fresh look room, rattan material is often used. It is not only because of the natural material but also because of the reminder of a beach. Here in the white kitchen, the rattan legs that support white round seating here gives fresh look to the all white surrounding.

Golden Lines
In this kitchen with grey matching colors on the island, counter top, and cabinet, having a line of golden metal accompanied with brown seating is a fresh look.

Golden Rest
Similar to the previous one, this one too has golden lines in the design. However, this one here adds golden line on the foot rest with crossing metal. Looking so incredibly creative, this one stool still looks simple though.

Black Modernity
Another design in bar stool that looks interesting is the round modern industrial kind of chair. It’s a mix of modern and industrial touch. Seen in this picture, the black bar stool looks shiny and give the room of quite an impression.

Woven Copper
An interesting stool can be from the color, just like the previous golden accents. And this one here uses copper bar stool to match the copper sink that brings the room more elegant.

Smooth Curvy Back
This one here also has beautiful bar stool with wooden material that will match with any kind of room. Seeing in this one, the curvy back stool is a great math for the wooden floor and brown island top.

Rattan White
Similar to the previous one, this one too has rattan bar stools that complemented its white surrounding. The difference is in the back. While the previous one is backless, this one here supported by stool back that will make sitting more comfortable and long lasting.

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