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two ladders with shelves, white board for table between, brown floor tiles, white tiles, marroon chair Domino

White And Brown Wooden Ladder Shevles Table, White Mid Century Modern Chair, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Lightt Grey Wall
Two Ladders With Shelves, White Board For Table Between, Brown Floor Tiles, White Tiles, Marroon Chair
White Ladder Shelves Table, Lean On Grey Wall, Grey Chair With Wooden Legs, Black Round Wire Basket, Wooden Floor
Black Metal Ladder With Wooden Chelves, Table, Acrylic Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Brown Wooden Ladder Shelves Table Lean On Light Grey Wall, Wooden Stool, Brown Flooring
Ladder With Wooden Shelves, Table, Drawer, Black Metal Support, White Wall Tlies, White Floor Tiles, Soft Painted Wall
Wooden Ladder With Shelves And Table, Wooden Ladder With Shelves And Drawer
Black Wooden Ladder With Brown Wooden Shelves And A Table, Black Leather Office Chair
Dark Brown Wooden Ladder With Drawer On Top And Under The Table, Ladder With Shelves On Right And Left, Beige Cushioned Chair
Ladder Wth Wooden Shelves, Table, And Drawer, Black Metal Legs, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Chair

If you live in a small space and you have limited space to work on, you would need multi function furniture that can help you gain several function in one. Or, if you just love to make everything in one compact space so that the rest of the room will still be large, you will love multi function furniture. And here are multi function ladder that can work for rack, shelves, or table in one lean furniture that will help you saving the space.

White Ladder
If you need something to save the space, something neutral will be a great way to help it out. In this one, the white ladder upon light grey wall looks clean and tidy. With its simple, lean, and sleek look combined with the clean lines on the chair, it looks simple and light.

Simply Lean
With neutral wooden color, it is the easiest to pursue simple look. And this one here depicts a simple look with its shelves, table, and drawer under. It has complete offer for a study room. The wooden stool look perfectly blend this one.

Modern Ladder
Similar to the previous one, this one too is built to save the space. With its lean and thin line, it looks like a perfect thing to got when you pursue modern look. Combined with mid century modern chair, it like puzzle pieces met together.

Thin Line
If you are in need in making the ladder looks as invisible as possible so that it won’t look too heavy for the room, a thin line line metal will help you getting what you need. This one has a smart design too. With thin wooden boards for shelves and table, it will look less too much in this neutral room. And the acrylic chair accompanying it has completed the invisible look perfectly.

Sturdy Simple
While the previous one is more lean, this simple one here is sturdier. It look strong and stable that you can put many heavy books on the shelves. The longer table enables you to arrange your work in more wider space.

Compact Ladder
Similar to the previous one, this one here also brings much more to offer with the shelves, table and drawers under the table. It is perfect for those who have permanent PC and want to create permanent working area.
ladder with wooden shelves, table, drawer, black metal support, white wall tlies, white floor tiles, soft painted wall

Making It Bigger
If a simple ladder cannot hold as much as you need it to, adding more shelves can be a great option. This one here adds two shelves on the right and left that make it bigger and have more shelves to offer.

More Drawers
Similar to the previous one, this one here also add two ladders no the right and left. However, it is because the lack of shelves in the ladder in the middle. It offers table, drawers on the bottom and above that it actually has unique look.

Add Drawer
While the previous one add the shelves, this one here adds the drawer by adding one more ladder to the side. Both look so smooth and sleek, it is really beautiful and simple.

Between Ladders
While the previous ones put the table on the ladder, this one here creates the table between two ladders that it looks beautifully creative.

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