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white wooden built in niches with shelves and cabinet in the middle Pacific Coast Custom Design

Dark Chestnut Entertainment Center L Shaped With Ladder
White Wooden Entertainment Cabinet With Shelves TV Cabinet Smaller Cabinet And Ladder
Chestnut Wooden Entertainment Center With Books Shelves And TV Cabinet And Ladder
White Built In Cabinet With TV Cabinets Drawers Shelves
Beach Style Built In Cabinet In White Wood Finish
White Wooden Built In Niches With Shelves And Cabinet In The Middle
Two Entertainment Cabinets In Brown Wooden Finish
Raw Brown Wooden Built In Entertainment Cabinet
Brown Rustic Built In Niches At The Top Of Fireplace
Large L Entertainment Cabinet For TV Books And Ornaments With Chair And Table

If you have large space in your house that you can take advantage of, you will want to have something that is grandeur but also beneficial. You will want something that will show luxurious feeling but also can do many things for you. For example is having large entertainment center. The best thing about having this in your living room or maybe office is that you can maximize its function to not only being a place you can put your entertainment tools but also keeping more than that because stuffs like decorations, china, or books also need place to keep.

Chestnut Wood Cabinet

If you have enough space to put your entertainment cabinet as well as your shelves, you will like this one. It is not really massive but it is big enough.

chestnut wooden entertainment center with books shelves and TV cabinet and ladder


White Wooden Cabinet

This one is not only large but it is also pretty. With its neat finish, it gives the look of not being too big. It looks small so that the room will not look ‘heavy’.

White Built in Cabinet

This one is pretty and still ergonomic. Although it is large, it doesn’t take too much space as it is built in. It is a good idea to put mirror instead of TV in the middle. With mirror, you can create illusion of bigger space.

Rustic Woody Allen

This one in the picture had done great deal. The TV is put with fire place as support. And the rest shelves are gathered around the fire place.

L for Large and

This L model cabinet will compliment your corner. It will give strong accent for your room.

Raw Finished Cabinet

This one is built in with the sense of raw finish. The originality of wood is sensed so strong from this cabinet.

White Large Cabinet

For you who have a quite large room, you will love this on because it looks luxurious and spacious too. The wood is cut slim and thin so that although it is large, it is still spacious and give the sense of roomy.

Light Brown Wood to Cheer

This one is pretty too. The color is in light brown that gives you the sense of seriousness and also light. The television is not put in the middle but in the left side of the cabinet. This cabinet is built in that it uses the space that it is given.

L Cabinet for Work

This one is really gorgeous! You have all you need in one place. You have your entertainment cabinet and you also have your office in one place. One moment you need to work on your job, you can open it not far from your books.

Cream Built In Cabinet

This one is beautiful with its cream painted wood and also the lights right from the top of the cabinet and inside the cabinet

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