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white small sectional sofa with colorful pillows Mandeville Canyon Designs

Chicago Blue Polyster Small Sectional Sofa
Grey Small Sectional Sofa With Grey Ottoman
Black And White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa
Scandinavian Style Light Navy Blue Small Sectional Sofa
White Small Sectional Sofa With Colorful Pillows
Grayish Brown Small Sectional Sofa With Colorful Pillows
Red Sectional For Small Space With Zebra Pattern Pillow And Ottoman
Grey Traditional Sectional Sofa With Matching Ottoman
Black Sectional Sofa With Recliners
Grey Sectional Sofa With Chic Pillows And Floral Print Ottoman

Having empty space at the corner can be unsettling. You might want to fill the space with something useful, not only decorative. Well, either you can fill it with cabinet, or corner sofa. If you decide to fill it with sectional sofa but you still want to use the space, you will love to have the small one. With the small one, you can have the sofa you want but you will still have another space to put other furniture you need. Below are some ideas for you to keep up with the good ones.

Grey Stone Sectional Sofa

This one is in the shade of grey stone. For you who love neutral color that is not so bold, this one might be perfect for you.

Light Grey Corner Sofa

This sofa includes a square ottoman with the same color. You can see that the arm rest is only in the left side while the right side is the prolonged cushion, ideal for you to straightening your feet.

Flowery Ottoman

When you look at this sectional sofa, the first thing that might catch the focus is probably the flower patterned ottoman, matched with pillows. They are in the shade of brown, cream, blue, which compliment the brownish grey of the sofa.

Black Sofa with Recliner

If you think of comfort first, you might like this one because it allows you to take most comfort after you work all day. You just need to lie back in that recliner seat and your tired body will meet its remedy.

Soft Black Sofa

For you who love black sofa for its elegance, you might want this one too. With arm rest that can function as CD or book shelves, you can easily put it in the corner so that you can use it.

Blue Sectional Sofa

This is just so pretty with the green turquoise color and its soft upholster. The model is also simply beautiful without added ottoman, recliner, or pillows.

White Sectional Sofa

It’s common for those who love black to also love white. And if you think you already have so many black tables, chairs, bedding etc., this one will balance the darkness. Not to mention the colorful pillows.

Modern Scandinavian

This one uses Scandinavian theme with navy blue color. The area of the sofa is cheerful and modern that looks like a place for a young age to hang out.

Bright Red Sofa

This sofa will steal the focus of the room immediately. It gives the room the enthusiastic energy and also warm welcome.

Warm Cream Sofa

The color of this sofa can wash out your room if you don’t play it with other color. But if you add pillows with bright color or add lamp with brought color, it’s all not a problem.



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