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Cedar Mantle Brick Fireplace Designs to Get Inspirations From

Creating an elegant atmosphere in a room is something you can accomplish in various different ways and building a fireplace in the room is one of them. Fireplaces are things you’d find in homes with elegant rooms and if creating one is what you’re planning on doing, having cedar and brick collaborate to form your fireplace is one of the most brilliant ideas you can try. If you want to try this idea, use these designs as sources of inspirations.

Drown in Brown

Mantled by wood, this fireplace is located in a room dominated by brown and it’s like the room itself is telling the fireplace to just drown in brown.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa wood floor tv storage drawers bookshelves ceiling lamp chairs table window painting lighting
Karlson Kitchens

In a Very Bright Room

Built in a room that gives a lot of brightness to its occupants, this fireplace with a wooden mantle sure deserves to be in such a room as it looks as awesome as the other parts of the room.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa storage drawers windows ceiling lamps white mirror photos flat tv
Lisa Riva Art + Interiors

In a Room with a Relaxing Atmosphere

One of the advantages this fireplace has is the awesome location it’s built in, which is a room that offers a relaxing atmosphere thanks to its wood floor, lovely furniture and lighting, and a window that provides the room with ample brightness.

cedar mantle brick fireplace chairs wood floor window ceiling lamp hanging light flowers table painting

In a Comfort-Offering Living Room

Located in a living room with sofas, a carpet, and doors with glass that lets light from outside in, this fireplace is surely one of the things that offer people spending time in the room a lot of comfort.

cedar mantle brick fireplace tv painting carpet wood floor chair table ceiling fan lamp glass curtain pillows
Resort Custom Homes/Su

In a Transitional Living Room

Put in a lovely transitional living room, this fireplace is accompanied by comfort-offering sofas, a carpet, a lot of white paint, and plants that help bring a soothing atmosphere into the room.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa carpet chairs small table bottles white pillows door window ceiling
Ashley Winn Design

In a Beach Style Room

This fireplace with a wood mantle here is built in a beach style room with a flower painting, comfy sofas with pillows, curtains, blinds, small chairs, a table, and more.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa pillows painting curtains ceiling lamp small chairs wall tv window blinds
Tracker Home Decor

In a Contemporary Patio

A fireplace in a contemporary patio is surely a nice thing to have and if you want to build one, get ideas from this lovely fireplace that befriends brick walls, chairs and tables that offer a homey atmosphere, and a number of other good things.

cedar mantle brick fireplace flowers cooking equipment chairs table doors glass cupboard plant ceiling lamp brick walls

Near the Kitchen

This simple yet good-looking fireplace is placed near the kitchen and it’s in an area where people can go to after bringing some foods from the kitchen to consume while sitting in front of it.

cedar mantle brick fireplace book table sofa storage wood floor lamp shelves pillows kitchen window white ceiling
CRISP Architects

Paired with Mirror

Paired with a mirror, this fireplace that’s built in a room with big windows and comfy sofas is in an area where people can relax or put their makeup on.

cedar mantle brick fireplace carpet wood floor sofa storage drawers big windows blinds small table pillows mirror
Four Walls and a Roof

In a Small yet Comfortable Room

The room this fireplace is built in is undeniably small but it can offer a lot of comfort thanks to the things it houses including comfy sofas with pillows, a table to place books or drinks and snacks on, and the fireplace itself.

cedar mantle brick fireplace pillows sofas table windows mirror white ceiling lamp books plant glass
Kim Woods Interior Design

In a Comfy Family Room

Placed in a comfy family room, this fireplace can give you a very good example of a smart use of cedar and brick that creates a simple yet elegance-exuding combination of materials.

cedar mantle brick fireplace carpet sofa pillows door glass ceiling lamp wood floor flowers windows

In a Clean and Luxurious Room

Located in a clean and luxurious room, this fireplace is one you can get inspirations from if you want to bring beauty, elegance, and luxury into the room you choose as your fireplace location.

cedar mantle brick fireplace wood floor chairs table sofa luxurious hanging lamps curtains big windows ceiling lamp

Collaborating with Modern Lamp

With a modern lamp above it to collaborate with, this fireplace with a wooden mantle is one you shouldn’t mind getting inspired by if creating a fireplace with a cedar mantle that collaborates with modern item is an idea you’d love to try.

cedar mantle brick fireplace door glass wood floor ceiling lamp seating chairs modern item window wooden ceiling lighting
Teakwood Builders Incorporated

For a Timeless Look

Making use of light blue painted on the wall, white used on varying spots, and the color of exposed bricks, this fireplace manages to help give this room a timeless look, making the room something that leaves you in great awe.

cedar mantle brick fireplace chairs pot flowers painting curtain window exposed brick light blue books basket
Julia Ryan

In a Room with a Worm Atmosphere

Collaborating with warm colors, comfortable sofas, and safety-ensuring curtains, this fireplace definitely does a great job bringing a warm atmosphere into the room it’s built in.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa curtain painting window warm color table lamp white brown pillow
Tuscan Blue Design

With a Cedar Mantleshelf

Here, the cedar is used as a wall shelf, something the homeowners can use to place stuffs on without having to sacrifice any space available on the floor or the table.

cedar mantle brick fireplace wall storage table book sofa wood floor shelf dining chairs windows door lamp
Hammer Architects

In a Small Room

Even in a small room, a fireplace that’s blessed with protection from cedar and bricks can still manage to give the room a lovely look like the one below.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofas pillows wall decor lamp white wall chair table carpet storage space
Thompson Custom Homes

In a Bright Room

Combining a fireplace with a cedar mantleshelf and big windows isn’t a bad idea at all since during the day, the combination of these things can create a bright room that offers a comfy area to spend quality time at on top of offering additional storage space.

cedar mantle brick fireplace big windows plant carpet white ceiling wall shelves wall lamp chair cabinets curtain

Collaborating with Warm Gray

You can build a fireplace, give it a mantleshelf, and then paint the walls around it in warm grey like this if you want to create a fireplace that gives your room both literal warmth and a warm atmosphere. Make sure to paint the walls in warm gray and not in gray that’s too flat or cool since warmth is the focus here.

cedar mantle brick fireplace wooden ceiling sofa pillow photos warm grey ceiling lamp wall shelf
Design Harmony

In a Simple Yet Elegant Room

Collaborating with a lovely sofa, a carpet, a mantleshelf painted in white and other things in the room, this fireplace gives the room an elegant look despite actually being a quite simple room.

cedar mantle brick fireplace carpet sofas table books storage space wall lamp plant mirror interior
Marianne Simon Design

In a Room Full of Color Pops

Built in a room with a wooden ceiling, a wide space and a big window, this fireplace is blessed with friends in the form of varied furniture pieces, an elegant curtain, a thick mantleshelf and simple but absolutely beautiful color pops.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa table wooden ceiling carpet bench pillows glass color pops door curtain

Rustic Style

Hugged slightly by a mantleshelf and accompanied by a brick wall, a lot of wood, and various other parts that speak of rustic style, this fireplace is definitely one you must get inspirations from if rustic style is the style you like the most.

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa small table windows plant wood painting bricks chair wall tv rustic style
Angelo’s Lawn-scape of Louisiana

In a Room with Lots of Wood

The fireplace here is mantled by wood and accompanied by lots of wood present on the floor, furniture, and more, making this fireplace one that can easily inspire many who consider building a brick fireplace with a cedar mantle.

cedar mantle brick fireplace wood floor table carpet sofa curtain window ceiling lamp painting drawer light
Drake Homes

In a Wide Room

This fireplace with a cedar mantle is placed in a wide room and without fail it gives the people spending time in the room additional comfort they need when having some quality time together there.

cedar mantle brick fireplace carpet wood floor chairs chest table ceiling fan wall tv door sofa lamp windows
Lindsay von Hagel

In a Beautiful Living Room

A beautiful living room with flowers, an eye-catching wall decor, a lovely carpet, ample brightness and more is the right place for a well made fireplace with a cedar mantle like this one.

cedar mantle brick fireplace wood floor chairs sofa with pillows window curtain flowers ceiling lamp carpet wall decor
Erika Bierman Photography