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ornate living room with a music area and beige walls white table lamp brown sofas brown accent rug glass coffee table medium toned wooden floors Interiors by Myriam, LLC

Mid Sized Transitional Formal And Open Concept Dark Wood Floor Living Room Design With Gray Walls Glass Coffee Table And No TV
Ornate Living Room With A Music Area And Beige Walls White Table Lamp Brown Sofas Brown Accent Rug Glass Coffee Table Medium Toned Wooden Floors
Elegant Living Room With A Music Area And Beige Walls Accent Chairs Cream Rug Black Ceramic Floors Table Lamp Wall Artwork
Mid Sized Tuscan Formal And Enclosed Living Room With A Stone Fireplace, Yellow Walls, A Standard Fireplace And No TV Glazed Pottery
Mid Sized Transitional Formal And Enclosed Dark Wood Floor And Brown Floor Living Room With Gray Walls, A Standard Fireplace, A Brick Fireplace And No TV
Contemporary Living Room With White Walls Colorful Sofas And Pillow Throws Accent Rug Green Curtains Colorful Wall Artwork White Wall Glass Coffee Table
Mid Sized Eclectic Open Concept Dark Wood Floor Living Room With Beige Walls Pillow Throws In Colorful Patterns Black Cabinets White Rug Cream Curtain
Large Timeless Open Concept Medium Tone Wood Floor Living Room With Beige Walls, Cabinets, Sofas And Coffee Table And A Wall Mounted TV
Elegant Formal Medium Tone Wood Floor Living Room With White Walls, A Standard Fireplace And A Wall Mounted TV Pillow Throws Accent Rug
Eclectic Living Room With Medium Toned Wooden Floors Rug Blue Sofa And Multicolored Pillow Throws Distinctive Wooden Coffee Table Artificial Plant Black Wall

Living room is a pivotal area where family sits together to share their daily activities while enjoying the interior design. In order to keep the mood to be lively, you need to read this article to understand ten greatest idea for living room.

Bold Hues for Modern Living Room

By using bold hues, you can turn a room  with traditional style of furnishing into having the modern touch. The upholstered chair and the accent pillows gives the finishing touch to make the room be lively.

Be bold, Be Brave

Bright shades of color makes living room to full of liveliness. By mixing the hot hues of raspberry and buttery yellow, the look becomes perfectly balanced instead of overwhelming. Use some patterns to eliminate the plain look.

Great Color Scheme for a Vivid Piece of Art

When you see the living room, your eyes will be drawn on the colorful pillow throws. They have different colors and patterns to enrich the beauty of this space. The bold colors is gathered in one area to create a vivid piece of art.

Switch the Forgotten Library into a Showcase of Artworks

New books can be beneficial. However, they turn into pile of things when they are not read. Give your literature to your friends and transforms your library by mixing framed artworks. You may also use other artworks or favorite object to show your guests.

Match the Color for Bigger and Better Drama

If you have compact living room, you may try to match the color of the room with the furniture. Matching the color of the rug with the sofa and the pillow throws and the wall artwork makes your small room to stand out even more.

Living Room with Wooden Look Realness

Having a living room full of wooden furniture does not necessarily means that you will get the rustic look. the living room below is a proof that a living room ornamented with wooden material gives the vibe of contemporary look.

Category is: Glass Pottery Living Room

There is a way to balance the look of a living room with glazed pottery. You can put the large piece as the center and the pottery pieces can be put on the sides. Make sure that the center has different color.

Popping Color of Bubbly Blue

This room has white and blue look but the owner uses less blue color ornate and bravely put it in scattered area to make the room to have a popping color of blue. It is obviously better than having so many colors in a living room in disorganized placement.

White Living Room with Living Plant

Having alive plants in the living room indicates that the area has good circulation of air and light. A good way to give natural touch in the living room is by having soft palette tones on the furniture and let the plants and flowers give the dash of colors.

The Magic of Natural Touch in the Living Room

This living room uses artificial plant to create the illusion of natural view instead of using the real ones. the fake plants will not wither thus they have better durability. Yet, you can still put real flowers on your living room.


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