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reading spot, wooden floor, white wall, white shelves, wooden ceiling, white lounge char, golden lamp The Reading Nook

Reading Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bookshelves, White Chair, White Ottoman
Reading Nook, White Built In Shelves, Brown Wall, Pink Sofa, White Sconces
Reading Spot, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Shelves, Wooden Ceiling, White Lounge Char, Golden Lamp
Reading Spot, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Side Table, White Wooden Shelves, Yellow Sconce
Reading Spot, Off White Floor, Cream Wall, Grey Lounge Chair, Golden Floor Lamp, White Shelves, Wooden Side Table
Reading Spot, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Shelves, White Chair, White Ottoman, White Wooden Side Table, Black White Fireplace
Reading Nook, White Wall, Built In Shelves, Brown Cushion, Black Bench With Wooden Top, Large Windows
Reading Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Built In Bench, White Cushion, White Shelves, Glass Window
Reading Nook, White Built In Bench With Drawers, White Built In Bookshelves, White Wall, White Sconces, White Cushion, Glass Window Ceiling, Red Brick Well
Reading Spot, White Wall, White Built In Shelves, White Built In Bench, Grey Cushion, Pendant, Sconce

Reading nook has been a great addition to a house. It adds comfortable place around the house. And as a reading place, it helps growing this positive habit for everyone in the house. A comfortable place, shelves, bright light, a place to hold your cup of tea are some of the things that people are looking for in a reading nook. If you love reading, you would love to add this corner into your house. Here is a compilation of ideas you can also use for inspirations.

Pure White
This reading nook looks so fresh and clean. This is a perfect ambiance for you who love tidy place and you just cannot get comfortable while your surrounding is not tidy. With clean white surrounding, your reading time would be what you enjoy the most, just like this one here.

Comfort White
This white reading nook is different from the previous one. The white builtin shelves and bench makes a clear look however, the pillows and the cushion make the space look so comfortable and the red brick wall and plants strengthen the warm look in the space.

Sweet Comfort
This reading nook puts a beautiful spot to read. The pink sofa makes the space looks sweet and soft but the white frame around the pink sofa makes a strong and pronounced feeling. The white wooden built-in shelves around the soft sofa brings the best reach for books.

Small Nook
This reading nook makes the best small space. It allows you to have your books around you and soft and comfortable cushion to refrain you from cramps when you read too long. The large glass window makes sure you have the best light to illuminate what you read.

White Corner
This comfortable corner would be a perfect place to spend your holiday, reading the books in your book list during the holiday. This white chair and ottoman gives the most comfortable seat for reading activity.

Traditional Comfort
This reading spot has a comfortable ambiance with traditional setting. The green chair and wooden side table makes a warm combination while the yellow sconce makes an exciting retro detail.

Elegant Nook
This reading nook will give you a perfect place not only to read but also to talk to your family. Winter air can be enjoyed through the windows while you sit comfortably in the reading nook.

Comfortable Lounge Chair
Creating a comfortable reading spot can easily be done by putting a comfortable lounge chair. This one here puts grey lounge chair to the neutral living room and blends perfectly well. The white shelves are pretty, blending well with the neutral floor and cream wall, while beautifully making contrast with golden floor lamp.

Natural Spot
This natural reading spot is also a great place to red. The bookshelves gives us the access to our favorite book while the large glass window gives us the bright light we need. At night, the beautiful floor lamp is ready to help us read.

Small Comfort
This is another reading spot that you would love because it has comfortable chair and supported by comfortable ottoman. This reading spot has bookshelves that will keep your collection safely.

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