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living room with mid century furniture on credenza with grey sofa with blue orange pillows, orange chairs with ottoman, orange pendant, grey rug Renewal Design & Build

Dining Room With White Wooden Ceiling, Glass Sliding Door, White Table, White Chairs, Wooden Bench, Living Room Across The Room
Kitchen With White Sleek Island, Wooden Stool, Black Tiles Backsplash, White Sleek Cabinet And Shelves
Living Room With Mid Century Furniture On Credenza With Grey Sofa With Blue Orange Pillows, Orange Chairs With Ottoman, Orange Pendant, Grey Rug
Dining Room With Retractable Glass Ceiling, Wide Frosted And Clear Glass Windows, White Table, Brown Chairs, Tall Flower Vase
Livign Room With Wide Glass Windows, Low Chairs, Ottoman, Wooden Coffee Table, Groups Of Rugs
Mid Century Dining Room With Grey Corner Sofa, Grey Chairs With Round Glass Table, Round Pendant
Study Room With Leek Table And Chair, Rattan Rug, Wide Windows, Wide Mirrors
Living Room With Brown Sofa, Fireplace With Mosaic Tiles, Built In Shelves, Wide Windows
Dining Room With A Collection Of Rugs, Wooden Table, Chairs, Liquor Cabinet, Fireplace, Large Windows
Living Room With Round Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Sofa, Brown Chairs, Side Table, Partition, Table Lamp

When you remodel or just finish your house, you will want to do the rooms in details so that the rooms will show how much you are in it. You will want your rooms to be part of your character so that whenever you see it, you will feel comfortable to enter. There are so many themes you can apply to your rooms, and one of interesting ones is mid century modern theme where you can feel the light weight and easy it is. If you are not sure what theme you want to choose but you know you love the idea of outdoor-indoor room and you love the clean sleek line of furniture, you know mid century modern is for you. Here are some of the examples that will be beautifully applied to your room.

Orange Hint

In this room below, you can see the mid century modern furniture in the sofa and how the room is arranged. However, with a hint of beautiful orange in the pillows and pendant lamp, the room is fresher.

Mid Century Modern Room

This one is an open concept of living room that has beautiful grey color palette. The white wooden ceiling is a match and the wooden floor complements the grey color.

Wide Windows

One of the characteristics of mid century modern theme is the connection the indoor rooms have with the outdoor. And that is why a wide glass window will provide the idea the best. The low chair and sleek coffee table put so much air to make the room breathable.

White and Black Kitchen

This kitchen has sleek structure that’s shown from the white sleek island, cabinet, and shelves. There is nothing too ornamental on the kitchen. It’s simple and clean.

Sleek Study Room

This study room has a really simple look with only small sleek table with black chair. Both are arranged above a brown rattan rug. The windows are wide and the room feels bigger with wide mirror.

Comfortable Living Room

This living room you see below look really comfortable. With all the sofa and chairs going on around the room and the round coffee table, it’s hard not to feel uncomfortable in the room. The wide windows allow the light to shine through the room.

Skylight Options

This already beautiful dining room has the most beautiful feature: the retractable glass ceiling. This retractable ceiling allows the owner to have a skylight dining room. A romantic dinner under the night sky is completed with clean lines of table and chairs.

White Mid Century Modern Dining Room

In this dining room, the air circulation is obviously at the best point. The dining room is without solid wall that part it from the bottom to the top. The sleek dining table and the chairs and bench are perfect for simplicity.

Sleek Living Room

With a simple sofa arranged aesthetically in the middle of the room and sleek lines on the wall and fire place, this room is really pretty.

Beautiful Dining Set

If you think of having a beautiful dining set with smooth lines you should consider something from wood to make your theme pronounce.

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