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A table is one of the main features in any room. There are many kinds of tables that a house needs. It depends on what kind of room and its size. A coffee or cocktail table which has low height and medium top usually put in the living room and family room. A dining table is surrounded by the chairs to make the dining activity more comfortable. As for the color, you can choose as you desire. You can get a table with the neutral into pop colors, but still, consider the style and color scheme in the room. A gray table is a choice for a furniture piece in neutral color. The following are some wonderful gray table ideas that will inspire you to get a fabulous table for your home.

A Space Statement

This trendy living room features a gray coffee table, a gray sofa, a gray chair, and a gray textured rug. The gray color scheme creates a space statement inside this bright house.

A Gray Craft Table with White Chairs

Gray color scheme really suits for a gender-neutral kids room. It’s not too girly or boyish. A calming effect the gray tone offers fill in the bedroom and make the owner comfortable.

A Mounted Gray Table

Open farmhouse kitchens mostly use minimalist design neutral colored features. The countertop and island are made of the Caesarstone Gray. The mounted gray table has a matte finish for the base and little bit glossy for the top which can reflect the lighting.

Chrome Legs for Dining Table

Unlike the previous gray table, this table has a matte finish for the top and chrome table legs. The legs can reflect the light and make this dining space look more contemporary. The dining chairs also come in the gray tone but lighter than the table.

A Cute Dining Space

A cute dining space near the kitchen offers delightful views over the gardens through the glass windows and doors. The round glass top on this small gray table makes us easier to clean.

The Modern Gray Table

This modern black living room gets a direct sunlight through the wide glass windows and doors. The modern furniture such as the large gray sectional sofa and the gray coffee table fill in space.

A Round Gray Coffee Table

This round grey coffee table is an interesting furniture piece in the center of the classic furniture items. Reducing the boring style, the furniture items mix and the fireplace give the comfortable feeling of the room.

A Cute Gray Table

A gray cocktail table can be a cute furniture piece in a living room. It also has a unique and compact design.

A Gray Living Room

This gray room consists of the gray walls and gray room features. The wooden herringbone floor is a beautiful base for the grey furniture items.

Color Combination of A Gray Table

The table color combination is fantastic. It uses grey legs and black table top and paired with the white modern dining chairs.

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