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thin shower head with 8 rainfall shower level and 2 mode Houzz

Main Shower Coupled Spray And Jets And A Removable Hand Spray Head Shower
Thin Shower Head With 8 Rainfall Shower Level And 2 Mode
Black Multiple Shower Two In One
Traditional Shower With Rain Shower Built In And Hand Shower
Thermostatic Stainless Steel Shower Head
Multiple Shower With Rain Shower And Hand Shower
Multiple Showe With Rain Shower And Sprays
Black Aluminium Stainless Steel Shower Panel With Rainfall Showerhead
Two Shower Heads Combined Built In The Wall And Hand Shower

Choosing bathroom fixtures can be tricky when you don’t know what to expect from a product. You can pick something but it turns out it doesn’t work the way you expected it to be. Thus, before you choose your bathroom fixtures, you need to think thoroughly on what you want regarding the function and also how it will affect your bathroom functionally and physically, even for fixtures like shower head. Yes, something simple like shower head can have so many various kinds. In this article, you will see there are so many kinds of multiple shower heads exist in the market that you can choose.

Stainless Steel Shower

With this simple shower, all you need to do is simply installing it in your bathroom and you will find its jets, hand shower and shower head meet your preference just like that.

Black Aluminium Shower

This one is a really catchy shower in term of color. Besides it is in black, it has blue LED lights on the monitor to set the shower you want to have.

Big Chrome Rain Shower

This one is not only pretty with its oldies over-sized rain shower but it is also allows you to have hand shower in tandem that you can use whenever you feel like it.

Traditional Shower

If you’re into traditional type of furniture, you will probably like to have your bathroom in traditional fixtures too. Well, this traditional styled shower is ready to be in your bathroom.

Traditional with Three Handle

This one is the traditional one but with three handle to set your shower and spray into your preferences. With its rain shower and hand shower, you will be able to get the best bath.

Modern Rain and Hand Shower

This one is although similar; it has more compact design in it. The hand shower head is adjusted with the rain shower head. You still get the best bath and it won’t take so much space.

Combo Shower Head

Head and hand shower in one with unique square design and slim hand head that will make it easy for you to hold it and cleanse your body.

Thinner Shower Head

Although there are so many designs you can choose, this one offers you thin and ergonomic design. The body is thinner than an inch and the rain shower feel evenly spread. And if you want to have the middle mode, you can switch it easily.

Dark Bronze Shower

This classic design will make those who love classic style love it. However, it is not as simple as it looks. The hand shower is integrated with the head shower that it looks really ergonomic and simple.

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