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open ceiling black leathered sofa black ottomans wall decor wood flooring colorful stripe rug kitchen island white cabinet ceiling fan Rasmussen / Su Architects

Open Ceiling Silver Floor Lamp Grey Couch Black Cube Ottomans Black Round Table Windows Dining Table And Chairs Grey Sofas
Open Ceiling Chandelier Wood Dining Table And Chairs Patterned Rug Wood Floor Built In Book Shelves Beige Curtains Recessed Lighting
Open Ceiling Rustic Chandeliers Black Ceiling Fan Colorful Sofas And Pillows Brown Leathered Armchair Indoor Plant Windows Artwork
Open Ceiling Spiral Stairs Glass Table Blue Sofa Cream Armchairs Shag Rug Window Recessed Lighting Wood Dining Table Black Chairs Artwork
Open Ceiling Open Beams Ceiling Lights Large Pink Shag Rug Green Couch White Ottomans Beige Chairs Colorful Wall Decors Windows
Open Ceiling Kitchen Cabinet Range Hood Seating White Dining Table And Chairs Window Glass Ceilings Pull Out Drawers
Open Ceiling Pendants Dining Table And Chairs Built In Shelves Glass Door Marble Countertop Glass Ceiling Wood Floor
Open Ceiling Sofa And Armchairs Coffee Table Industrial Pendant Wood Ceiling Built In Bookshelves Railing Glass Windows
Open Ceiling Black Leathered Sofa Black Ottomans Wall Decor Wood Flooring Colorful Stripe Rug Kitchen Island White Cabinet Ceiling Fan
Open Ceiling Vaulted Ceiling Cowhide Rug Desk Glass Coffee Table Light Wood Floor Red Chairs Built In Cabinet

An open ceiling is popular in many home designs today. It often lets us see the ceiling beams or the exposed material of the ceiling. The eye-catching exposed ceiling will attract everyone at home. Besides giving a nice ceiling look, it can increase the height of the room to make it feel more spacious. The following are some admirable open ceiling designs that will inspire you to get the right choice for your home.

Wood and Glass Ceiling

You will absolutely love this ceiling look. It has some glass and wood parts on it. This is a visual example of opening up the volume with the use of ceiling to give the more spacious feeling. The exposed beams show the beauty of an architectural ceiling while the glass ceiling lets the natural light come into this home.

Clean Interior Idea

White color dominates this home from the cabinets, walls, to the ceilings. The open ceilings above dining and living spaces are great to give unique interior design.

A Family Room

This family room looks more spacious and bright with the open ceiling. A white tufted sofa, two armchairs, and a coffee table are arranged under the open ceiling. The white bookshelves fill the wall surround the seating space.

A Skylight in The Ceiling

A skylight in the ceiling is one of the beautiful open ceiling choices. This shows how the light comes into the kitchen through the glass ceiling. Before making this ceiling style, you must think about the angels of light, from which the daylight is coming and how the light illuminates the different spaces in your views.

Recessed Lighting Idea

This open ceiling covers both the first floor and the second floor. The spiral staircase is suitable to connect the large space into a small second-floor space. The recessed lightings appear on the white ceiling as a home lighting fixture.

Girls Room with Open Ceiling

The ceiling in this girl’s room is all exposed and painted. You can see how clean and bright the lights look even on an exposed ceiling and in a basement. This room just uses regular can lights, without the drywall. The furniture pieces and colors really suit the girl’s theme.

Open Ceiling for An Elegant Home

This elegant home is designed to have a nice open ceiling and modern minimalist furniture pieces. The floor looks bigger because the neutral colors dominate this home.

Industrial Look

This room shows a nice idea with the partially exposed ceiling. The white walls, big windows, and a simple material palette open up space and the industrial look is brought in through the open ceiling and steel accents.

A Sunroom

This sunroom features an open ceiling, a leathered chair, patterned sofas, and a glass table. This room really provides a comfortable seating space.

The Texture Wide Space

The wooden look from the furniture and the interior of this home is great. The wood stairs with iron railings and the wood cap are suitable to make this home more spacious.

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