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wooden sliding door with raw look and slab Rustykalne

Puzzle Zigzag Glass Sliding Door
Wooden Sliding Door With Line Pattern
Tall Glossy Wooden Sliding Door With Zigzag Patter
Red Glossy Double Sliding Door
White Lace Wooden Sliding Door To The Bathroom
Delicate Patterned Glass Door
Bright Yellow Sliding Door
Wooden Sliding Door With Raw Looking Wood And Rustic Metal
White Wooden Sliding Door
Wooden Sliding Door With Raw Look And Slab

There are many things you can do to make separation or entrance in each of your rooms. You can make it as common as you want, or make it interesting. It’s all on your decision. However, if you want to make entrances interesting, you might love to try sliding doors. It’s beautiful, stylish, different, saving space, and easy to use. If you’re thinking about getting sliding doors on your own, you might want to see the beautiful ideas below.


Antique Sliding Door

This one below shows how beautiful sliding doors can be. With raw looking wooden material and rustic-look metal, this door is simply outstanding. The rail on top is also seen. It gives more antique look.


Gloss Wooden Slide

This one here has more glossy finish and it’s perfect for your home if you love minimalist and modern look. The rail is covered by wooden cover on top of the tall doors. This one here also has two sliding doors and it will give you more space to move.


Bright Sun SlidesĀ 

This one here is for you who love to have bold and bright color, either because you love to combine bright colors or because you need one bold colored furniture to give strong statement.


Red Glossy Slides

While the previous one have bold and bright yellow color, this one has red but in more elegant and expensive manner with glossy finish. The modern point of this doors is also that the rail is installed in the ceiling that it looks like there’s no rail for it. This, too, has double sliding doors that create roomier space for people to move around.


Wooden with Lines

Now, this one here has a really beautiful look with its tall wooden door. The lines detail on the surface is really beautiful. It also has its rail on the ceiling so you can’t see it. The use of this door is really beautiful too as it matches the room inside and the bold paint outside even though those two things are really different.


White Lace on Slide

This pretty one is really beautiful as you can see that the sliding door looks like huge white lace made of wood. If you want to make your room a little bit more feminine and pretty, this one can help you out.


Delicate Patterns

If you like to have as much sunlight as you can, you will love glass sliding door. However, if you want to control the light, you will love patterned glass door. With its not-so-much-see-through glass, this one here let’s you have enough light but still some privacy.


Fit the Puzzle

This one is really beautiful as well as creative that it looks like a puzzle fit perfectly. When it’s open, the pattern of the edges is really standing out.


White Wooden Door

If you love antique theme but you want it to match your monochrome theme too, this one here will be perfect. This one is also good for small space, both because it’s white and it saves space by not opening outward.


Wooden Slab Door

This last one here is perfect for you who love rustic theme. The material and the slab of wood shape will make you and your home happy!

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