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rattan shelves with curve on the side Nikau

Low Rattan Shelves
Rattan Shelves With Curve On Top, Rattan Chair, Rattan Pot
Floating Rattan Shelves With Fence
Rattan Shelves With Curve On Top, Boards In The Middle, Cupboard Below
Rattan Shelves With Curve On The Side
Rattan Shelves With Curve Corner
Floating Rattan Shevles With Curve Side
Three Adjoined Rattan Shelves With Curve On Top And Bottom
Round Rattan Shelves
Floating Round Rattan Shelves With Black Lines, White Wooden Wall

Besides rattan chairs, you can also use rattan shelves to add warmth and natural details to your room. With rattan shelves, you would get pretty details and exotic ambiance from the shelves, besides its ability to store your accessories, books and many other things. If you are looking for some inspirations to decorate your room in more warm tone, rattan shelves is one of the best thing you can get. Look below for some prettiest rattan shelves.

Compact Shelves
If you are looking for shelves that can give you everything from the shelves to the cabinet, this one is what you need. Not only it gives you the practical but it also gives aesthetic value to the room with its curve tops and see through door.

Round Top
This is another rattan shelves that would improve the natural look in your room. The rattan shelves look so light and fresh it is perfect for putting some plants or accessories. Completed with rattan chair and rattan pot on the side, like this one, the rattan shelves look even bolder.

Round Rattan
This rattan shelves has a really interesting shape. It has round shape that lets your room to look interesting as well once it’s there. This pretty round rattan shelf is perfect to add aesthetic value and to store the pretty accessories.

Three Shelves
This adjoined shelves look so amazing. With this, you would be able to have more storage. You would also have all the pretty details you can savor from the rattan lines and patterns. With three areas, you can differentiates the things you want to store.

Curve Corner
This is another simple rattan shelves that has curve on top. But this one also puts some more details on the back of the top and give some curve on the corner. It makes the shelves look softer and sweeter.

Floating Rattan Shelves
Besides all the sturdy but light shelves you put on the floor, rattan shelves can also look so good floating. This one here shows how helpful and decorative it is.

Floating Round, the Shelves
This is another floating rattan shelves that can help you get the prettiest look. The darker rattan look makes a nice contrast to the white wooden wall. The simple and small size make a nice accessories-that-work on the wall.

Simply Floating
This floating shelves give an even more simple detail. The rattan shelves is three tiers and protected with a kind of rattan fence in front. This simple look is perfect to add some simple touch and give little push on storage

Side Curve
While the previous ones have curve on the top, this one here make a nice accent with curve on the side. This accent has made the overall shelves look interesting and pretty.

Low Rattan Shelves
This one is another rattan shelves that can give a pretty touch to the room. The low height makes it perfect for side table.

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