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rattan grid doors on the bathroom, black dots backsplash, wooden cabinet, white sink, white wall, mirror Le Maison Andalouse

Rattan Doors On Entertainment Cabinet, Wooden Herringbone Floor, White Ceiling, White Bedding, White Pendant
Grid Wooden Partition In The Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Floating Cabinet, White Top And Sink, Mirror, Grey Wall
White Grid Doors On Built In Cupboard, Blue Rug, Wooden Bench With Blue Cushion
Rattan Grid Doors On The Bathroom, Black Dots Backsplash, Wooden Cabinet, White Sink, White Wall, Mirror
Rattan Sliding Door With White Wooden Frame, Seamless Floor, White Wall, Grey Ceiling
Laundry Cupboard With Rattan Doors, Grey Rug, Tufted Bench, Wooden Cabinet, Grid Sliding Doors With Glass Window
Rattan Grid Doors On Walking Closet, Wooden Floor, Blue Built In Shelves
Rattan Doors, Grey Wall, Blue Cabinet, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Colorful Striped Rug, Wooden Bed Platform
Built In Cupboard Storage With Rattan Doors, Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling, Glass Ceiling, Striped Bench
Built In Cupboard With Rattan Doors With Blue Frame, Brown Floor, White Ceiling, Blue Wall, Wooden Bench, Window

Grids door can be obtained with rattan doors or doors with patterned grid. Having furniture with grids adds accent to the room as well as texture and pattern. Grid can look so endearing once you know what kind of grid that you like. These below are ten interesting grid implementations in the house that you might like to own.

Entertainment Cabinet
Grid can bring lightweight look and in this one, with natural material, it shows a really appealing look. This entertainment cabinet has a pretty accent with rattan grid sliding door like this as it goes in line with wooden chevron floor.

Rattan Bedroom Doors
The patterns on grid enables you to have a sheer view of the room across. And it is an interesting touch to a bedroom. It is perfect for those who are open but still want privacy. Putting on a sliding door, it makes this rattan door looks fun even.

Rattan Sliding Wall
Similar to the previous one, this one also looks light with its sliding rattan. However, not only as a door, this one acts as the whole room partition which you can use to almost every rooms in the house.

Rattan Cupboard
This natural and sweet bedroom, the natural touches seen on the bench, floor, and rattan doors of the cupboard warm the room. The rattan doors give some sheer look to the inside but it does not make the bedroom feels cramped.

Rattan Storage
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses rattan doors for the built-in storage that is used to store all the kitchen tools and porcelains. In this neutral room with bright light, this rattan grids door, the room feels light and open.

White Grid
Unlike the previous ones, this one here is a grid not made of rattan. This white grid doors gives an interesting and pretty look nevertheless. And the blue rug and bench complement the white grid doors perfectly well.

Laundry Storage
Not only on the bedroom, even in the room for laundry, something sweet like rattan doors can work just well.

The Walking Closet
Another place that would welcome this pretty accent is the walking closet. Seen in this one, the rattan doors give an open barrier that makes the walking closet looks fun and warm at the same time.

Grid Partition
Although natural material is not a really popular choice in the bathroom, this one here puts a strong commitment with natural look on the vanity, partition, and even the floor. And the grid partition particularly gives an interesting shadow to the bathroom.

Rattan Bathroom Doors
Still in the bathroom, this one here also shows an amazing choice of doors. In the room where privacy is most important, this one here shows an open gesture with rattan doors. Of course, this one only shows the part where the vanities are in.

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