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White Rectangular Floating Shelves
Round Wooden Slab Bedside Table, Angled Shelves
White Top Table With Golden Lined Legs, White Table Lamp
White Wooden Cabinet With Chevron Pattern, Twotier Drawers, Golden Legs, Golden Table Lamp
Pnk Suitcase Table, Wooden Legs, Golden Knobs, Golden Lamp
Suitcases Fot Nightstand, White And Blue
Greyish Blue Cabinet With Three Tiers Drawers, Wooden Door Knob, Golden Sconce, White Wall
Black Round Table With Drawers On Top And Shelf On The Bottom
Wooden Floating L Shaped Shelves
White Cabinet With Four Tier Drawers, White Wooden Wall

Adding a table at the side of your bed is something that people don’t realize they need at first. But, of course, you like to read before you go to sleep. And you like to put some pictures of your loved ones near you. Or, you would like to put your phone at night. Well, there are many practical functions that night stand can help you. As there are many kinds of night stands that you can choose at your side of the bed, here below presenting the prettiest choice you would love to have.

White Tall Stand
If you are looking for something simple yet not too plain, this one here can be a perfect option. The slim cabinet makes your bedside table has more storage while also giving a perfect minimalist look.

Round Black
For you who love strong modern detail, this black round nightstand can give you more than a table. It gives drawer an shelf at the bottom. This complete package makes a pronounced look with its smooth black look.

Lanky and Thin Elegant
This light and lanky lines would add some beautiful lines to your bedroom. The white top brings neutral top. The combination of these two makes a neutral yet elegant stand.

Neutral Elegance
Similar to the previous one, this is night stand makes a pretty touch with its neutral elegance look. The neutral color combines perfectly well with the golden legs and accessories on top.

Traditional Blue
While the previous makes a nice look with its neutral setting, this one here shows a stronger yet traditional setting with its simple and bulky wooden cabinet.

Stack of Suitcase
If you want to do some DIY project, this one might give you valuable idea. The night stand is simply done by stacking two nice and pretty suitcases together and create a pretty look from it. The white and blue colors make a beautiful combination.

Suitcase on Top
Still in the suitcase theme, this one puts a really unique night stand in the bedroom. This one uses the pretty and traditional look of a suitcase and make it the top of the night stand while putting wooden legs at the bottom to support it.

Floating Simply
For a bedroom with limited space, a nightstand is probably not a priority. However, a small and slim night stand can help you with the space. This one below surely does not take too much space while giving you the easiness on storing and grabbing your essential.

Wooden Slab
This night stand is another beauty that can help you on the bedside. The unique angled hole in the side can give you some space to keep your books. If you prefer bigger space, you can do it with some DIY project.

Floating Wood
This last one is a pretty floating bedside table that looks so unique. It is light, it doesn’t take too much space and it can obviously gives you the function you want to have from a nightstand.

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