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Regal Glass Shower Tile Glass Wooden Framed Mirrors White Vanity Blue Wall White Trim Floor Tile Window Sink Wall Sconces
Regal Glass White Shower Tile Glass Doors Orchid White Desk Stool White Built In Tug Vinyl Floor White Window White Window Shade
Regal Glass Granite Tile Glass Shower Door Shower Head Bathroom Mat Towels Mirrors Wall Sconces White Sinks Mosaic Floor Tile
Regal Glass Glass Framed Shower Shower Faucet Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves Towels Grey Floor Tile White Marble Walls
Regal Glass Patterned Floor Tile Wooden Bathroom Vanity White Top Black Wall Tile Mirror Wall Sconce White Bench Window Sink
Regal Glass Shower Glass Doors Built In Bench Wooden Framed Mirror White Vanity Drawers Grey Floor Wall Sconces
Regal Glass Shower Glass Country Vanity Sink Gold Faucets Wall Sconces Floor Tile Mirrrors Antique Chandelier Cabinet
Regal Glass Glass Shower Doors White Vanity Mirror White Wall Sconces Terracotta Floor Grey Bathroom Rug Towel Hook
Regal Glass Black Shower Wall Tile Glass Door Mirror Granite Countertop Drawers Undermount Sink Towels Basket Floor Tile
Regal Glass Chandelier Mosaic Floor Tile Vanity Glass Shower Door Freestanding Bathtub Tub Filler Drawers Mirror Chair

A regal glass is often used for a window, the railings, and the shower doors. It is used in a home where the owner wants a sturdy material. Besides being sturdy, regal glass looks so clean and luxurious. You can find the regal glass easily in a store. The regal glass application needs to be done properly so that it will not broken and functional. A shower door using regal glass will be a luxury treatment in your bathroom. The shower glass door can keep the bathroom clean. Here are some admirable regal glass application ideas for a bathroom that you may get an inspiration from.

A Luxurious Bathroom

This luxurious bathroom uses a regal glass for its full floor to ceiling shower door. It is full coverage so that the water from showering can not spill from the shower area. The bathroom also has a Victorian chandelier and vanity to give a more luxurious feeling for everyone.

A Clean Bathroom

This white bathroom looks so clean with the separated bathtub and shower space. Although the regal glass shower door is not fully covered. There is a small hole in a door that keeps the flow of air circulation inside the bathroom.

Separating the Bathroom Space

The regal glass in this bathroom is only used to separate the corner shower space and the vanity. You can easily move in and out of the shower space.

Framed Shower Enclosure

This regal glass offers handcrafted custom designed solid brass enclosures. The solid brass frames are thick so that it can add the strength and durability of the enclosure. You can open and close the top glass shower window easily.

A Minimalist Bathroom with Regal Glass

This bathroom features a framed shower enclosure, a big wooden framed mirror, a white vanity with some drawers, and wall sconces. This minimalist bedroom also uses a neutral color palette which is so calming.

A Beach Style Bathroom with Regal Glass

This beach style bathroom offers a white freestanding tub and spacious shower space with regal glass. The beach style bathroom can be created using a sand-like colored tile and blue painted walls.

An Elegant Bathroom

Peaceful, seaside neutrals define the mood of this bathroom. You can mix modern lines with classic style, this bathroom boasts timeless elegance.

Bathroom Design

This bathroom combines a tradition and elegance design. It is fitted with a fabulous walk in the regal glass shower and sink area. The marble subway wall tiles and hexagonal floor tiles create a simple yet luxurious look.

Color Contrast for A Bathroom

This shower style offers a built-in bench and regal glass doors. The black subway tiles in the shower space with the white herringbone shower floor tile make a great color contrast for a bathroom design.

Bathroom Tile Choices

Making an elegant bathroom can also be done by choosing the unique patterned tiles. The floor and wall tiles are Aqualinea Casablanca Mosaic tiles that look like the clover leaves. Besides a freestanding tub, this bathroom also has a white shower space.

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