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bathroom black mosaic tiles on floor, wall, on curving forward wash basin, silver faucet Homedit

Bathroom White Tiles Floor, Grey Wall, White Marble Floating Vanity Sink, White Floating Shelves Under, Tall Mirror, Wooden Accent Wall
Bathroom White Floor, Long White Vanity To The Corner, White Sink, Square Mirror With Led Frame, Pink Mosaic Glass Wall Inside Vanity Area, White Walls
Bathroom Beige Floor, Beige Wall, Wooden Accent On Wall Ceiling, White Marble Vanity, Black Geometric Sink, Grey Geometric Textured Wall, Geometric Mirror
Bathroom Grey Floor, Grey Concrete Wall, Grey Textured Wall On Yellow, Wooden Floating Shelves Vanity, White Sink, Square Mirror, Mat, Basket,
Bathroom Black Mosaic Tiles On Floor, Wall, On Curving Forward Wash Basin, Silver Faucet
Bathroom With White Floor, White Floating Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Sink, White Textured Wall
Bathroom With White Floor, White Sink, Grey Concrete Sink With Wooden Board, White Vanity Box With Mirror
Bathroom With White Floor, White Wooden Shelves With White Vanity Top, White Bowl Sink, Long Vertical Mirror, White Textured Wall
Bathroom Wood Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Textured Wall Crafted, White Sink
Bathroom With Grey Floor, Wooden Vanity White Sink, Round Mirror, Lamp Behid, Textured Wall, White Toilet

Bathroom vanity area is always interesting to decorate. It usually has small area where activities do not mostly happens. However, even though it’s small, it’s part of the bathroom that will be looked at for long, because that’s where usually the mirror is. And that’s where you can maximize everything, from the look of  the basin and vanity to the ambiance the wall can create. One of the ways in making bathroom vanity looks endearing is by installing beautiful textured wall. Not only it will help the wall look beautiful but it will also help the bathroom have more dimensions.


White Leaves

Having a textured wall can be really fun because your wall can give more refreshed feeling. This one here has leaves pattern on the wall in white. It is a beautiful and subtle look in a white bathroom that makes the bathroom incredible.


White Side

Putting accent wall does not always have to be on the center of the room. It can be on the side wall too, especially if the center has been occupied by large mirror like this. However, it does not mean that it makes the accent wall less on point. This textured wall can leave a strong impression with its wavy white surface perfectly well.


Wood Textured

Wood is probably one of the material that will give textured easily, especially when it comes on lattice. Placed on both ends of the accent wall, wooden lattice here add dimensions to the room beautifully.


Mixed Natural Feeling

As textures added to create dimensions, this one here add quite wonderful dimensions at once.  The grey textured wall itself has created a strong and bold statement to the room, but added with matching textured sink in black and mirror in geometrical look, it makes the room looks even bolder. It looks like raw natural stones. And not only that, the wooden lattice on the wall and ceiling brings out other natural ambiance, along with the plants on rattan woven pot under the marble stone.


French Look

While the previous gives a strong impression, this one here gives sweeter look. If you love pretty and sweet ambiance, French craft style will give your wall delicate touch that you need. Crafted in white, it looks even more beautiful.


Rustic Look

As rustic style goes strongly with textured wall, it is understandable when looking for textured wall, rustic kind of wall is the one that will infatuate people. In this one here, not only the grey textured wall that looks so charming but also the round mirror with LED on the back that looks like moon on a cloudy sky.


Pink Glasses

Mosaic glass always makes a beautiful look in anything. It gives a certain amount of light reflection that makes a room always look blinking. And it’s used perfectly well in this one bathroom with its long area of vanity accompanied with pink mosaic glass in the dented part of the wall.


Curvy Mosaic

Having textured wall is one thing, but having a whole room textured is another level. This one here using all black mosaic glass that covers the entire room except the part under the basin. The most interesting of all, though, is the curvy basin that built in as a part of the wall that it looks like it’s peeled from the wall.


Half Textured

Although the other ones are not textured the entire room, they are at least textured for accent wall. However, this one here is not even textured fully. With transition to the crafted part and not, this one has an original feeling.


Randomly Peeled

Similar to the previous one, this one here also do not have the entire room crafted. However, with its randomly crafted, it gives the room an interesting picture. It’s like it’s peeled randomly to a beautiful yellow-ish pattern.

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