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A great wine cellar is about creating a controlled environment for the wine collection. Whether a big or small wine cellar, the design and material of it should be properly set. The temperature and humidity should be controlled properly so that your precious wines are kept well. A modern wine cellar has two functions which are as a wine storage and a wine display. It is usually kept right next to the wall and covered with clear glass and the wines stored on the ped racking. A modern wine cellar is usually placed in the kitchen or a dining room for an easy access. The following are some modern wine cellar ideas that really suitable for a wine storage and a wine display in your home.

A Custom Modern Wine Cellar

This stunning glass modern custom wine cellar is placed near the dining space. This fully enclosed glass front wine cellar have big bottle capacity. The center section is a double stacked wine bottle display row. This wine cellar absolutely looks so sleek and modern.

All Glass Wine Cellar

This all glass wine cellar is fully sealed and the cellar temperature is via a water-cooled system in the crawl space below the vinyl floor. This is a cool idea how the vents are coming from the bottom of the floor since this wine cellar height is right from the floor to ceiling.

A Small Modern Wine Cellar

This is a creative way to build a modern wine cellar near and under the stairs. It offers white lighting and storage racks that can be filled with many wine bottles.

A Small Modern Wine Cellar with White Tile

This modern wine cellar shows the example of using White tile instead of wood paneling behind the wine pegs. It will make the wine display clearer and simple.

Backlighting for A Modern Wine Cellar

This wine cellar has a glamorous back lighting and a clear white door. It is located near the white kitchen.

Cool Entertainment

A wall mounted TV is hung between the two wine cellar. It is good for you who likes to entertain your guests.

Glass Wine Cellar with Interior LED Lighting

A more recent trend has been to build a modern wine cellar near the transitional kitchen and add LED lighting. In this cabinet, the refrigerator unit of the wine cellar is visible at the ceiling.

A Glam White Marble Wine Cellar

This wine cellar design is so glamorous. It is covered with clear glass and has white marble background. It is suitable for small capacity that can also offer lower cabinet.

Wine Display Racks

Here is another way to store your wine collection in the dining room. Although it is also covered with glass doors, it doesn’t use peg racking system.

An Open Concept Home Bar

This home provides a small home bar with a large modern wine cellar, small wine fridge, granite bar countertop, a sink, and white bar stools. It is really great for an open concept home bar.

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