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contemporary floating designed office desk strong walnut wooden desk glass desk top Houzz

Modern Desk Height Curved Office Desk Contemporary Brown Black Tabletop
Contemporary Floating Designed Office Desk Strong Walnut Wooden Desk Glass Desk Top
Stainless Steel Office Desk Stainless Steel Tabletop Floating Dark Grey Wooden Drawers
Walnut Wooden Office Desk 3 Drawer Computer Desk Modern Simple Office Desk
Dark Wooden Office Desk Thin Panel Computer Desk Contemporary L Shaped Working Desk
Customized Wooden Office Desk Elegant Patterned Desk Large Panel Storage Stainless Steel Desk Legs
Computer Desk White Colored Office Desk Adjustable Multiple Shelves 3  Drawer Desk
Modern Slim Table Legs Light Walnut Wooden Office Table Open Drawer White Closed Drawer Large Tabletop
Modern White Office Desk 2  Drawer Desk Glass Slide
Customized Shaped Office Desk Warm Walnut Desk Stainless Steel Slide Contemporary Desk

If you are a working individual who spends most of the time sitting behind the desk, you must have a comfortable desk which suits your need and interest. As so many designs of office desk provided, this article will help you to decide which contemporary desk is able to accommodate your modern taste.

Contemporary White Design

This design is quite simple with the white color as its focus. It will provide you the sense of calmness but still feeling modern with its slide glass. The large drawers are also the points fit your needs.

L-Shaped Classy Desk

This dark wood desk reveals its simplicity. With the glossy desk top, this L-shaped desk still presents you the classy touch.

Floating Desk

This floating desk gives you an inspiration of an extraordinary desk. The shape is so customized with the strong walnut color. The glass desk top will make you more comfy in working at your house or even at your office.

Multiple Shelves

This L-shaped desk seems to have a simple outlook. However, the feature of the multiple shelves attached will give you more homey sense since you can put some stuff there.

Customized shaped Desk

With its customized shape, this design of desk will never get you bored. The warm walnut color and its stainless steel base will make people so attached to work on it.

Elegant Pattern

This desk gives a strong elegant feeling with its unique pattern wrapped in brown and black colors. The storage cabinet matched with the desk is a perfect thing you could utilize.

Curved Shape

The surface of this desk has a very unique curve. The combination of strong brown and black is totally adorable enabling you to be more productive.

Light Walnut Wood

This design has an elegant light color of walnut. The desk legs are uniquely set with its open and white drawers.

Stainless Steel Desk

For you who love stainless steel feature, this design of desk will match your interest. It is full stainless steel materials except its grey wooden drawers. However, it is undoubtly still comforting you.

Wooden Desk with Comforting Color

This wooden desk is completed by 3 drawers painted in elegant walnut color. It is no wonder that it can be your favorite place to spend your working hours.

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