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sunken livign room, grey floor rug, white wall, brown ceiling, off white sofa, wooden tables, TV, built in shelves, small nook Home Decoration Experts

Sunken Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Black Coffee Table, Stairs, Bookshelves, Grey Chair, Bar, Stool, Flowery Rug
Sunken Living Room, Seamless Gray Floor, Glass Window, Beige Sofa, Wooden Rim, Black Stone Fireplace
Sunken Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Fireplace, Grey Sofa, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Bookshelves
Sunken Living Room, Grey Floor, Grey Stairs, Grey Built In Bench, White Cushion, White Coffee Table, Seamless Floor, Dining Set
Round Sunken Living Room, White Sofa, Half Rug Part, White Floor, White Curtain
Sunken Living Room, Wooden Pit Floor, White Rim, Dark Grey Cushion, Pillows, Seamless Floor, White Wall, Red Chair, Wooden Ceiling, Black Ceiling
Sunken Livign Room, Grey Floor Rug, White Wall, Brown Ceiling, Off White Sofa, Wooden Tables, TV, Built In Shelves, Small Nook
Sunken Living Room, White Seamless Floor, Wooden Pit Floor, White Built In Sofa, Grey Cushion, Pillows, Wooden Round Small Coffee Table, Industrial Ceiling
Sunken Living Room, White Pit Floor, Black Marble Floor, Wooden Rim, White Corner Sofa, White Low Coffee Table
Sunken Living Room, Beige Floor Rug, Bilt In White Sofa, Dark Wooden Stairs, Round Coffee Table, Tray Tables

An open space can be really comfortable and friendly it makes you want to stay longer in the living room and have longer conversation. To make a sense of a room, you can use room partition but it will create some kind of wall in the open room. One of the ways to maintain this openness is by creating a sunken living room. It is a cozy space that allows you to have s really comfortable setting of a living room. Here are ten gorgeous sunken living room that you will fall in love with.

Added Sofa
This sunken living area has a familiar look. It has the usual sofa that is positioned in the sunken setting. The beige sofa looks really comfortable among the wooden pit’s rim and the warm black fireplace.

Built-In Sofa
Different from the previous one, the sofa here is built-in to follow the shape of the living pit. Completed with black coffee table, this one has a very modern look. The comfortable cushions will make sure you’re comfortable.

Conversation Pit
As sunken living room presents a very comfortable space to talk to your friends, it is the perfect place to have conversation, especially when you can have the comfort like this one here. Completed with smooth floor rug and plush pillows, this pit looks amazing to have a long conversation.

Small and Cozy
This small conversation pit might not let you straighten your legs up but it will let you stay close to each other whether you sit or lay down in this sofa. The other plus with small pit is that you can easily reach your drinks and foods.

Modern Pit
If you have a large space, adding sunken pit would be really comfortable, like this one here. And to maintain the breathable feeling, a modern look is easily the style of the room. The wooden floor on the pit creates warmer vibe compare to the floor on the upper level. And the simple grey white sofa gives a neutral look.

Minimalist Pit
In this one, minimalist look is so endearing. The built-in sofa is simply put off-white cushion. And the small space on the corner is made to be a small nook with built-in shelves.

Modern Grey
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a modern look. The grey floor from the upper side to the bottom side looks smooth and clean. The white cushions makes the ambiance modern and minimalist too.

White Round Pit
This one here shows a really interesting set with round pit. And not only that, the sofa is not covering all the space along the rim. The white sofa only covers only half of the area and the rest is covered in rug. This look is both unique and comfortable, as you can also sit around the rug.

Elegance Pit
If you think a pit could not be elegant, you might want to see this one. The minimalist details on the pit has brought modern look with it but it also makes it so easy to blend with luxurious setting around it. The clean lines bring its own lush details.

Warm Pit
This pit shows a remarkable warm area with wooden floor covers the lot. The dark grey sofa that matches the built-in cabinet across also makes it warmer. The fireplace on the white wall definitely support the look too.

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