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living room with glossy wooden floor, rug, fireplace, beige wall with glass skin accent wall, shelves Citube

Accent wall has been a great idea in making your living room much more stunning. Living room with something aesthetically interesting which will leave a great impression upon your guests is one thing you can achieve by adding an accent wall to your living room. Even the smallest and subtlest texture can make a big impression. Here are some ideas on textured accent wall that can make living room beautiful.


White Patterned Accent

Accent wall is commonly placed to support an area in the room that will be made the center. It can be behind an entertainment center or fireplace. In this one, beautifully surrounds the dark hole of fireplace is the white textured accent wall.



White Wave 

While textured wall can cover the entire of accent wall area, adding another accent to line the fireplace is an inviting concept. Combining two tones and textures makes the room rich.


Black Textured Wall

While white is a mesmerizing color for textured wall for its neutral and clean ambiance, black has different things to offer. Mystery and depth can be what you get with black textured wall. It is a perfect place to hang a colorful decoration.


Textured Herringbone 

Playing color in textured wall is indeed fun. Playing pattern is as much fun. In this one, the popular herringbone pattern is used to give a modern touch to the elegant living room and neutral white is chosen to bridge the difference.


Blue Ripple 

Accent wall can create many effects, even refreshing water. In this one, the blue rippling illumination is strongly felt from the accent wall. It gives the room some calm between the neutral beige and strong orange.

livign room with wooden floor, brown rug, brown sofa, orange chairs ottoman pillows, beige wall, blue textured accent wall

Detail Renovations 

Rippling Green 

Ripple effect is difficult to get over. It’s refreshing and it can make the room feel modern and refreshed at the same time. Combining it with modern and simple furniture will be the best for the accent wall, to pop out even more.


Rustic Texture

For rustic style fan, having texture in their room is not something strange. With rustic style, a room can easily has texture from so many things. Like in this one here, the living room wall is rustic stone and the accent wall is actually smoother. And in the kitchen, wooden covered arch restricts both area.


Wooden Accent

Wooden wall is always a beauty, but as an accent wall, its beauty is focused. As accent wall, wood material will look even more popped out.


Glass Skin

To get an obvious effect in the accent wall, glass tiles are probably one of the best options. With glass tiles, all the light in the room will be able to be reflected in an interesting way. As glass is a strong material, it is expected to be resistant to heat and humidity too. And this one here is not only glass surface but it’s with stunning finish too.


Glass in Geometric Pattern

If glass tiles can be too strong, combination of glass will still make the modern ambiance. In this one, combined it with brown color in geometric pattern, it’s quite a calming and modern look to have.

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