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texas hill country house plans with limestone materials for ranch style Benchibocai

Texas hill country is a style of houses with rustic charm in typically countryside area. It brings the nuance of natural and warm house for the family by using natural material like limestone and other kinds. Most of house in Texas hill country style is build for a big family or being inherited over generations. This type typically has large front yard or wooded area because of the landscape. When you want to build one, you should read the following best Texas hill country home plans as reference.

Classic Style for Warm Nuance

This rustic house is build in letter L shaped with Texas hill country style. It has at least 3 bedrooms, a living room, a garage, a kitchen with dining room, and of course a large front yard. The material is dominated by milestone for the wall and wood for the interior. Applying bright yellow lighting is perfect for the warm nuance.

Looks Like a Blue Mini Factory with Craftsman Style

This Texas hill country house is build in craftsman style which makes it look like a mini-factory in town. It has at least 3 bedrooms, a large livingroom, a kitchen, and other rooms. In autumn or summer when the front yard turns brown, it becomes the perfect view for the house because the blue roof contrasts with surrounding.

Ranch Style for an Authentically Natural Look

texas hill country house plans with limestone materials for ranch style


If you love natural look, use limestone for the wall and place 4 strong natural wood as the pillar for the veranda shed.  To contrast with the green front yard, you should also use limestone for a driveway to your front door.

When Modern Style Meets Texas Hill Country Style

When you live in the city and you do not have so big land but you still want to build a Texas hill country house, don’t worry. You can still build one by combining modern style with country style. This house is the example.

Bijou Style in Brown Domination for Wooded Area

Surrounded by wooded area can inspire you to build a bijou house, which is small but attractively fashionable, in Texas hill country style. This house is built in 2 story so that it save much space to side. Although it look small, it has at least 3 bedrooms

Unique Cube House in Contemporary Texas Hill Country

Dare to be different by building a Texas hill country style in unique shape like cube or prism. This house is a breakthrough which combines country style with contemporary style.

Another Striking Red Craftsman Style

Craftsman is one of the most used type in applying Texas hill country style. This house is spacious with 3 stories in some parts of the building. The choice of red colour is also brilliant to make it contrast with green surrounding.

Luxurious Look in Combination with Modern Style

Rustic charm of the Texas hill country style does not always create shabby look but also creates luxurious look if you modify it with modern style. Place a swimming pool and a hot tub. For the decoration, build a path with patterned grass surrounding them.

Simple Ranch House for Tranquility

small and simple texas hill country ranch home plan with large green yard and long veranda


The crowd of city has bored us and building a simple ranch style house with Texas hill country design can heal our boredom. This house will be our home where we can enjoy tranquility with family.

Elegant Craftsman Type

The domination of light brown in pastel colour makes our house look elegant. Although it does not have enough place for green front yard, you can save space for gardening nearby.

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