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a room with yellow paint on the wall and floor to create illuminated effect on the white room, the effect is on the furniture also Sadecor

A Line Of Yellow Paint Crossing In The Middle Of The Room With White Painted Wall
Study Area With Yellow Paint On The Area, Shelves, Table, Computer, Chair, White Painted Wall Surrounding
A Room With Dark Blue Rectangular Shape On The Center Of The Room In Floor And Wall, Light Blue On The Surrounding, Wooden Table And Chair, Blue Tale Lamp, Yellow Clock
A Big Area Of Orange On The Wall With White Surrounding Wall, A Black Table, A Mirror
Orange Thick Line Of Paint On The Wall Continue To The Ceiling On The Corner Of The Room While The Rest Is White
A Room With White Painted Wall But With Pink Paint On The Below, Dark Royal Blue Sofa, Pink Lamp, Plants
Room With Half Top On White Painting And Half Below On Blue Painting Including The Furniture And The Picture
A Room With Yellow Paint On The Wall And Floor To Create Illuminated Effect On The White Room, The Effect Is On The Furniture Also
A Room With Orange Thick Line On A Certain Part Of The White Wall With Wall Picture, Plants, Yellow Sofa, Rug, Coffee Table
A Bed Room With White Walls And Ceiling, Accent Wall With Yellow, Blue, And Grey Paints, Yellow Side Bed, Grey Bed

Painting wall can be so much fun when you don’t only stay on the usual rules in painting. You don’t have to pick only one color to a room. You can choose several color and play with them to create unique effect to the room. Here below are some ideas that you can do too in your home. All you need is bravery and bold action because it can create a really strong statement in the room.


Rectangular in the Room

While the usual way is painting the room all the way in one color, this one is painting the room in two different colors with an exact shape for the second color. Positioned near the pendant, this kind of method would make it like the light of the lamp itself which is ironic because it’s darker than the surrounding. Not only that, the dark painting is also on the wooden wall.


Enlightened Part

In this picture, the idea is similar to the previous one. However, this one here take the unique painting eve braver as not only the wall and the floor, the furniture also plays this effect game. With this kind of method, it looks like a room with yellow light from the pendant and not all of the room is lighted.


Dipped in Blue

This one here is a method you can do without caring much about the area you should or should not paint to create any effect. Just divide it two and paint it in different paints. And while you’re on that, it seems like a great idea too to paint the furniture as well as the below part of the painting so that the room looks like it’s dipped on blue painting.


On the Accent Wall

If you want to play with color but you don’t want to make too bold action and impression, you can always rely on accent wall and instead of creating too difficult painting result, you can create something mild on the accent wall.


Limiting Area

You can also paint a certain area of your room to make some fictional limitation. In this picture here, you can see that the study area on the wall is painted on yellow and the rest is on white. This will create an exclusive feeling in that certain area while not literally put some barrier.


Crossing the Room

While the limiting area is quite “tamed”for the room, this one here is on the opposite notion. The yellow painting here is crossing the room like a picture frame enforced in the middle of the room without being exactly on the middle that part the room equally or to the same shape. This accent is really fun.


Creeping Up

If you want to divide the room without the necessity of putting precise line and shape, this method is really doable. You can paint the room in different paint on below part of the wall and finish it with the brush effect. That way, you create an effect of creeping up paint.


Thick Line

If you want to make an accent without making it too difficult, this is one among the many methods. You can draw a thick line from the top to the floor. This will make a huge difference to your room.


Big Area

If you like to give bold statement, but you want to make it in an interesting way, you can paint your bold color in a wide area and frame it in white color so that these two will compliment each other.


Cornered Orange

This one is quite similar to one of the previous ones but this one put the thick line of color on the corner of the room which is quite interesting and unique.

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