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corner dining nook with white bench with cushions and pillows, white round table, brown rattan chairs, built in small corner shelves on two corner, windows Apartment Therapy

Corner Dining Nook With White Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Long Wooden Table, Brown Wooden Shelves On White Wooden Wall, Three Little Pendants
Corner Dining Nook With White Bench, Rattan Chairs, Pillows, Rattan Pendant, White Shelves On The Side
Dining Nook With White Bench With Green Cushion, Pink Table, Blue Chairs, Green Wooden Shelves, Curtain
White Dining Nook With Pillows, White One Lined Open Shelf On Top, Black Table, Brown Rattan Chair
Corner Dining Nook With White Bench With Cushions And Pillows, White Round Table, Brown Rattan Chairs, Built In Small Corner Shelves On Two Corner, Windows
Corner Dining Nook With White Wooden Bench, Brown Cushion, Pillows, Glass Top Table, Messages On Board, Bookshelves
Dining Nook With Black Bench, Black Cushion, White Table, White Chairs, Black Shelves On Top Of The Bench, Board
Dining Corner Nook With Wooden Table, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, White Chairs, White Built In Bookshelves, Pendant
White Wooden Bench On Dining Nook With Shelves Built In With The Bench, Wooden Table
Dining Nook With White Bench With Flowery Cushions, White Built In Shelvs For Books, Shelves On Top, Windows, Lamp, Wooden Table

When you have a perfect corner near your kitchen, it is always a great idea to turn that corner into dining nook. And it’s always a good idea to make it comfortable that you can buy more time there to literally talk with your family or friends. One of the ways to make your dining nook comfortable is by putting some personal touch in there, like pictures, messages, or books. And for that, you will want a perfect shelves on the wall. Well, these below are some ideas you can consider.


Little Bookshelves

In this one, you can see the built in shelves that looks quite small. With small shelves, you can still put your favorite novels and cooking books and discuss it with your friends while enjoying your eating.


Big Storage for Books

Compared to the previous one, this one here probably is larger and it can store more books. If you love books, you will love this one too for offering large space.


Open Shelving on Top

For you who love light and relaxing design, this can be something that you’re looking for. Without being too cramped on the end side, this shelves give warmer welcome to the guests.


Shelves and Board

Shelves like this can be a great place for books and decorations. You can put your picture on the shelves. And if you can put a board to pin drawings and messages, that is more personal and warm.


Shelves and Bench in One

In this dining nook below, you can see how that bench and the shelves is actually built as one. As there are such details on the design, it makes the design is full with warmth. Besides shelves, it also has board to pin the pictures on the back of the bench. The only furniture that is not black is the white round table and chairs that balance the darkness of the nook.


Show Your Dishware

Beside keeping your books, the shelves can also be a place to save your dishware. And by doing so, you can display your beautiful ceramic, especially if you like to have the colorful ambiance of the open storage.


High on Top

This one here is a simple and warm feeling dining nook with a line of open shelf on top. With this small nook, you still can put your kitchen utensils that you seldom use. And as it is quite high on top, it’s easier to look tidy.


Two Small Ones

In this picture below, you can see a simple and pretty dining nook with its small cornered shelves. It is so small that it is strictly only for decorations. With decorations, you can create a more inviting and pretty corner.


On the Side

Although shelves are mostly in line with bench in the previous ones, this one here is actually not in the same line, It is positioned on its side as a storage for dishware and decoration.


Colorful Nook

This one is for you who love to get your furniture in more cheerful and bold tone. With its different colors on the table, chairs, shelves, and even curtain, this one here is so merry. The shelves are for more personal items too.

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