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three lines wooden open shelves in the kitchen supported by black metal on the white painted wall. Kawaii Interior

Three Small High Wooden Open Shelving With Black Metal Support On White Wall
Three Lines Of Open Shelves With Golden Support Against White Painted Wall, Brown Wooden Shelves, Kitchen Utensils, Ingredients, And Tea Set
Open Shelving With Black Metal Support On White Tiles Wall Kitchen
Three Lines Wooden Open Shelves In The Kitchen Supported By Black Metal On The White Painted Wall.
Four Small Wooden Open Shelves With Little Black Metal Support, Ingedients, Baskets, Plants
Kitchen With White Tiles Wall, White Woden Open Shelving With Tea Seat, Kitchen Utensils
Two Lines Of Wooden Open Shelving In White Wall With Hooks Under
Black Wooden Open Shelving With Golden Support On White Tiles Wall
Kitchen Withwhite Tiles Wall, Brown Wooden Floating Open Shelving
Three Corner Wooden Open Shelving With Accented Metal Support On The Wall

In the kitchen, there are many things that you can really take care of, in term of furniture. You can consider how the floor and the wall is done, how the kitchen top  and backsplash should look like, the lighting fixture, the sink, and many more. And after those big main themes, you can also take care on how you would make the storage space. You can do cabinet and shelves. However, before you decide on one, you might want to consider a third option: open shelving. Why?


Simple and Clean

Although cabinet can look elegant, grandeur, and tidy, open shelving in the kitchen offer simplicity and cleanness. Open shelving is literally an open space by your shelves in the kitchen that will enable you to keep your kitchen tools openly. Creating lighter mood, compare to cabinet. Plus,  if you have the one with floating shelving like this one below, without any support seen under the shelves, it gives even lighter feeling.


Open and Friendly

With open shelving, your kitchen will look more friendly and welcoming to your guest. The guests will be able to appreciate your openness.


Personal Notion

Furthermore, with open shelves, you will be able to put some decoration that will give the kitchen a more personal feeling. This, too, create welcoming gesture to your guests.


Relaxed and Modern

With less cover and door, the ambiance of modern times can be felt easily. As it’s not too closed, it gives the nuance of a kitchen with relaxed feeling.



With cabinet, you will need to position your storage quite high above you so that you will not hit your head when you cook. However, with open shelving, you can have it lower as it’s not as big as cabinet. Thus, you will store and take things easily.



Furthermore, because it’s lower, it’s more accessible. You don’t have to clamber up on your stool to reach the deepest part of your shelves because it ain’t too deep on the back.


More Airy

Because it’s opened, it is exposed to more air and that means that it has less potential in having grime as it’s not as humid as a closed cabinet. With open shelving, even if you have grime, you will be able to clean it easily with its easier access.


Affordable and Economic

As open shelving is not as big of change as a cabinet, this one is more low-priced. So, even if you aren’t sure if you will like it or not, you can try it first without spending big money.


Better Storing 

As it’s opened, it’s easy to arrange your kitchen utensils on the shelves. Not only that, open shelving offers more flexibility on the space around it. You can add hooks to hang your utensils, for example.


Put on Display

If you think you have beautiful tea sets or dishware that you seldom use but you’re dying to see, open shelving can help you with that as everything on the shelves is for the eye to enjoy. So, if you like to show your dishware to your guests, you will love open shelving.

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