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If you want to make some more room to complete your home, you can build a two-story home or more. You can have some additional room such as guest bedroom, reading nook, and attic bedroom. To connect the first and the second floors you should install stairs and railing for your interior. You can get wood or iron material for it. Using wood material for stair railings will look classic and humble. Iron material for stair railings will have a strong and stylish stair. Here are some wrought iron stair railings interior ideas that will inspire you in designing your dream home.

Italianate Railing

This Italianate railing features hand forged steel, antique components and leaves shapes. This is a stunning wrought iron stair railing. It has a thick iron shape that will make the railing sturdy.

Beachfront Luxury Stairway

This iron stair railing shows a beautiful design of a staircase. It also has an interesting border inlay design. It is beautified by a Minka Lavery Aston pin-up light.

Transitional Staircase Designs

This wooden stair has black wrought iron stair railings that balance the traditional look and transitional function. The railing has a simple pattern that will not make your staircase look messy.

Artisan Bent Railing Design

This is a great wrought iron stair railings interior that will give you a unique look with the Artisan Bent Railing Design. You should also consider the size of the stairs and the room. This railing design also looks great as a room border and a deck railing.

Contemporary Stair Railings

This contemporary stair railing has an interesting gray color. The color is compatible with the black line on the stairs and white color home. This railing also offers a unique pattern.

Custom Wrought Iron

Wrought iron panels and iron top rail is used for this fancy curved staircase. The iron work on the stairs will definitely give you some art in your stairs. The stairs also consist of wooden footsteps.

Bright Wrought Iron Stair Railings Interior

You can have a bright stairs way with the white iron railings with wooden railing top and bright wooden stairs. You will like the light and dark contrasts in the floor. You can also put colorful flowers with vase to adorn the stairs. This is a considerable choice if you are bored of the black iron stair railings.

Lateral Scroll Ending and Wood Cap of Railings

Wrought iron stair railings interior can be installed in a modern home. This wrought iron stair railing is installed with lateral scroll ending and wood cap.

Artistic and Creative Staircase

This wrought iron stair railing provides a counterpoint to the pure line of the room. This rail also gives a sense of movement and brings art into your home. You can decorate it by placing a sculpture on the wooden table next to the railing.

Luxury Living with Wrought Iron Stair Railings Interior

This elegant staircase features black wrought iron stair railing. The beautiful patterned railing and granite footsteps will make an elegant stairway.

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