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two levels apartment, wooden floor, bedroom on the upper evel with glass rail, living room with grey sofa, kitchen with open brick island and black chairs at the bottom Ultralinx

Two Level Space, Vinyl Floor, Grey Wall, Living Room On The Ground Level, Study And Hammock On The Upper Level
Two Levels House, Wooden Floor, Kitchen Living Room On The Small Ground Floor, Wooden Stairs Shelves, Two Bedrooms Upper Level, Pendant
Two Levels Apartment, Wooden Floor, Bedroom On The Upper Evel With Glass Rail, Living Room With Grey Sofa, Kitchen With Open Brick Island And Black Chairs At The Bottom
Two Levels Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Large Windows, Living Room At The Botttom, Bedroom In The Upper Level, Ceiling Fan, Rail And Glass Partiion In The Upper,
Two Levels Apartment, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa And Rug, Clear Coffee Table, Kitchen And Dining Area Under The Upper Level, Bedroom Upstairs With Glass Window
Two Levels Space, Beife Floor, Beige Sofa, Brown Dining Set, Kitchen With White Cabinet, Wooden Island, Bedroom In The Upper Level, Living Room In The Upper Level
Two Levels Space, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Sink, Bathroom On The Ground Floor, Bedroom On The Upper Floor
Apartmen, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room On The Ground, Bedroom On The Upper Level
Two Levels House, Wooden Floor, Wooden Stairs With Black Rail, Grey Sofa, Living Room On Ground, Glass Partition With Black Metal Frame, Bedroom On The Upper Level, Pastel Wall
Two Levels House, Wooden Floor, Living Room And Kitchen On The Ground Level, Bedroom On The Upper Level, Yellow Curtain

Apartment can be really challenging. Every space has its own challenges. The large one might serve less challenge but it takes more spending to fill the room. The small space offers more challenge on how you can arrange everything you need into small space. But it is fun to create comfortable space with all that. And, two-level apartment also offers its own challenge especially when the upper level space is limited like these one below. If you have the same problems, these pretty apartment might help you arrange what you need.

Simple and Modern
If you are in love with modern and minimalist look, this one here can help you big time. With its dining room and kitchen under the stairs, the ground level is open for living room and other needs. Meanwhile, the upper level has a great privacy for the bedroom.

Wooden on Rail
Although this one here is not exactly an apartment but the small two-level space can be an inspiration just as well. In this one, you can see that the neutral and natural look of the space brings warmth and relaxing vibe to the space. Something that you can do too, presumably.

Tiny space
This one here is from a tiny house on wheels that has been successfully keep everything tidily compacted in the small space. With wooden floor, wall, and ceiling, the space looks relaxing and warm. The living room that can also be dining area is in the corner on the ground floor parallel with the kitchen and study room. The bedrooms are on the upper level on different side.

Glass Partition
If you don’t like to show to much, the space under the upper level can be more private by putting partition and door. That way, you will have less things to see, like this one here that only have bedroom and living room seen. Using glass partition, the upper level is secured without really closing it.

Spiraling Stairs
With small and limited space, it is important to save as much space as possible. It needs to always be considered clearly on what to do with the space. Sometimes it deny you pretty sight. However, this one here successfully add spiraling stairs that works well for small space without making it too frugal.

Without Rail
Rail in the upper level is important if you have children. However, if you live alone or with another adult, it can be a fun challenge. This one here puts hammock and study room on the upper level while living room on the ground.

Modern Living
This one here truly shows modern life in an apartment with its simple living room with rugs and ottoman and entertainment games. In the upper level, the bedroom is secured with rails and glass partition. It is modern and effortless.

Not Only Bedroom
If you have quite large upper level, more than bedroom can be placed there. In this one, to accompany the bedroom, they added more living room. It is comfortable to have more sofa to sit near the bedroom.

Private Level
Even though the upper level is mostly secured by glass, it does not mean that it lacks the privacy. With the right angle, it is more than enough privacy as you can see in this comfortable apartment.

Secure Level
If you still think that glass is not enough for security, this one here shows that wall can be a perfect options. Although large glass window is still added to make the space always feels spacious.

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