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sunroom with turkish rug, rattan chairs and bench with orange cushion, rattan coffee table, fireplace, green framed door and windows, lamps on wall and ceiling Fairfax and Sammons

Mediterranean style has been a representative for many styles from the blue aqua palette of Greek style to the warm terracotta of Morocco. It depicts the warmth of the sun that has been mostly seen in places of Africa, Asia, and Europe with their richly historical background. If you are interested with Mediterranean style, some of the ideas below might gives you an idea what you can do to your room to get the Mediterranean look.

Warm Colourful Chair

In this picture, we can see that the room looks so warm even from the wall colour that illuminates the room. With the sun light, the room brings out the warmth glow. Besides that, the colourful chair that has been the focal point of this view really makes the ambience cheerful.


All Covered with Pattern

If you like to go overboard with the Persian rugs, the Turkish pattern and want to surround the room with that, you will mostly have this kind of view. The reddish brown – or rather, brownish red – carpet and cushion have been one.


Warm White Wall

In this picture, you can see that despite every pattern in the rug and chairs from different pattern, the white wall has stood to balance them all. But, it doesn’t mean that the white wall is the cold part amidst the warmth furniture. The white wall still brings the warmth to the room.


Antique Mediterranean Room

With the rugs and velvety sofa and ottoman, it’s not wrong to say that it brings out a strong sense of Mediterranean style. Moreover, with the metallic furniture, it brings the antique feeling in the room.


Vaulted Ceiling and Wooden Beams

The warm colour of the room is clearly seen from the wall and wooden beam. Not only that, the fact that the room is under a vaulted room, a character of Mediterranean’s room, the room announces its own warmth. It is also seen in the furniture that is chosen for this room from the chairs, sofa, to the lamp in the ceiling.


Covered by the Rug

One strong point of Mediterranean’s character is that a room with Persian rugs or carpet and if you are not sure on what you should do in a room because you don’t want too many characters are brought up, you can do well with only a carpet.


Fresh and Warm Sunroom

In this kind of family area, you can see that not only the orange bright colours have warmed the room. The choice of colour of green in this room is so beautiful as well. While it offers contrast, it also offers balance to the warm room.


Vast Mediterranean

In this room that vastly spread in a large room, it can be seen that the Mediterranean characters are seen in the floor, wall, and ceiling. The lamp is mostly bright and warm.


Sunshine through the Big Glass Window

In this room, the warmth is not only in the color that is chosen for the room or the pattern but also from how much sunlight has gone through the curtain.

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