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70s bedroom chandelier grey stripe headboard grey fur throw blanket white duvet pillows armchairs curtains cowhide rug Sally Wheat Interiors

70s Bedroom 1970 Wallpaper Pattern Black Iron Headboard White Bedding Floral Pillow Wooden Nightstand Table Lamp Window
70s Bedroom Teal Bed Colorful Bedding Pillows Colorful Wall Decor Orange Side Tables Table Lamp Chairs White Cabinet Ceiling Fan
Floral Headboard White Bedding Red Throw Pillows White Wall Nightstands White Table Lamp White Curtain Pink Window Shade
70s Bedroom Chandelier Grey Stripe Headboard Grey Fur Throw Blanket White Duvet Pillows Armchairs Curtains Cowhide Rug
70s Bedroom Rustic Ceiling Fan With Lamps White Wooden Walls Ceilings Twin Bed White Bedding Colorful Area Rug White Curtains Fireplace
70s Bedroom Pendant Lamp White Sloped Ceiling Black Framed Windows Blue Herringbone Rug Black Bed Nightstands
70s Bedroom White Duvet Wooden Bed Colorful Pillows Indoor Plants White Wall Wooden Side Table Windows Wooden Floor
70s Bedroom Blue And White Wallpaper Grey Roman Shade Window Grey Bed Headboard Pillows Orange Bench Blue Armchair Nightstands
70s Bedroom Pink Walls Pink Vaulted Ceiling White Bed White Side Table Rattan Tray Purple Flower Pot White Shelves Glass Doors
70s Bedroom Chandelier Tray Ceiling Green Duver Wall Curtains Artwork Bench Lounge Chair Windows Grey Carpet Table Lamps

A home with retro or vintage focus will love to have a 70s bedroom. This bedroom can have colorful or bohemian touch and vintage furniture. 70s era is popular with pop colors and some patterns. When you have a neutral color bedroom with minimalist furniture pieces, you can create a 70s bedroom by adding some pop colors and 70s decorations. Some patterns are usually used for a bedroom with classic furniture pieces. The following are some memorable 70s bedroom ideas that will inspire you to have a distinctive bedroom in your home.

A Bohemian Inspired Bedroom

This bohemian bedroom looks so bright and inviting with some calming colors and comfortable bedding. This bedroom also has some indoor plants that will give you the fresh air. If you think that it is too much, you can only put on in your bedroom.

Chevron Pattern for 70s Bedroom

Chevron pattern can’t wait for coming into the 70s bedroom list. It was really famous in the 1970s by Italian fashion house Missoni and we have embraced it ever since. This pattern is unique and can be added into many bedroom designs. The rug gives fun color and pattern into this simple bedroom.

A 70s Kids Bedroom

This cute and colorful kids bedroom with 70s style will give you an idea of how to make a fun bedroom for your kids. The 70s style artwork gives a fun classic vibe.

Antique Painting

The classic and vintage blend into one in this bedroom with twin bed. The painting style and the patterned carpet create the 70s bedroom. Antiquing the bedroom walls will add character to simple a white paint job.

Popular Wallpaper from the 70s Bedroom

The wallpaper with a small pattern like in this bedroom is really popular in the 1970s. This wallpaper is chic and can bring back the childhood memory.

Customizing A 70s Bedroom

You can customize your bedroom into the 70s bedroom by getting some classic features. This bedroom has classic bedding, artwork, a bench, a chaise lounge, curtains, and a classic chandelier. The bedding and curtains have the color combination of white and calm green.

Keep It Sleek

The bed features in this bedroom such as the tribal headboard, snakeskin print pillows, and the faux-fur throw create an effect of 1970s. This is how lovely that era.

A Cozy 70s Bedroom

The lovely wallpaper, the canopy bed, and the botanical patterns make this 70s bedroom cozy. It will make the owner some magical feeling. Although this bedroom is small, the use of the simple furniture pieces and bright colors make this bedroom spacious.

Headboard Highlights

This bedroom features a tall headboard with pastel floral pattern that gives you a romantic vibe in a bedroom. This 70s style bedroom is really suitable for summer.

A Shabby-Chic Style Bedroom

This rose color was extremely popular in the 1970s and 1980s. These days, the color doesn’t popular. However, this romantic color is very relaxing and warm. The white beadboard and soft pink walls make this small space very cozy.

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