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dining room, wooden floor, white pink wall tiles, yellow round table, green chairs, pendant, purple shelves Atomic Ranch

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Pink Wall Tiles, Yellow Round Table, Green Chairs, Pendant, Purple Shelves
Dining Room, Round Wooden Table With Blue Top, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Black Pendant, Wooden Shelves
Vintage Wooden Shelves With Cabinet
Bathroom, Tiny Black And White Floor Tiles, Green Wall Tiles, White Tub, Yellow Wall
Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Cabinet, Black Shelves, White Table, Green Vintage Chairs
Vintage Kitchen, White Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Orange Fridge, Pendants, Patterned Floor
Vintage Kitchen, Mint Green Counter, White Top, Pink Wall Tiles, Navy Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall
Bathroom, Wooden Herringbone Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, Green Wall, Green Tub, White Sink
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rug, White Metal Bed Platform, Wooden Cabinet, White Wooden Sidetable
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Yellow Wall Tiles, White Tub, Glass Partition

Vintage ambiance can come and go in the trend. However, for those who just love the ambiance would love to have it in the house. And if you are this person, who love vintage look, you might want to have the look in your own house. If you’re looking for inspirations to start your own vintage house, here below are some perfect ideas to start with.

Small Kitchen
If you have small corner in the house like this, you can start decorate the your corner for something vintage and pretty like this with orange fridge and patterned floor. The simple and neutral setting on the side provides a great look for the entire look.

Colorful Vintage
In this one vintage kitchen, the contrast of the colors look fresh and bold with pink wall, mint green cabinet with beige top. The pattern on the floor looks contrast too. Besides that, this kitchen also adds light and colorful decoration to make things look bright.

Classic Comfortable Bedroom
Vintage can mean so many things. It can also mean a classic and traditional look. It is seen in this bedroom with classic metal platform and fluffy comforter. The classic side table and strong cabinet puts a classic look too.

Vintage Cabinet
To strengthen a vintage look, vintage furniture is the best thing to add. This shelves here is a great addition to a living room or a home office. The wooden material and the classic design put a nice vintage touch.

Small Vintage Dining
A simple touch can bring in vintage look. In this minimalist traditional kitchen, the small dining set has a nice vintage touch on the chairs and table as well as the black pendant.

Comfortable and Traditional
This one here puts a traditional classic look on dining set. The wooden floor and the wooden shelves look wonderful. The black pendant has a great finishing touch.

Colorful Bathroom
This one is another look with colorful vintage touch. On a bathroom, it is easier to play with the tiles. With tiles, you can play with colors and patterns. And patterns in the vintage look does not require something so colorful and fancy. The simple one is suffice.

Retro Dining Room
This colorful dining set put a beautiful retro ambiance with yellow, green, red, and purple combination. The Coca Cola and Dr Pepper accessories bring even more retro feeling to the room. The contrast of the bold colors bring nice retro feeling.

Soft Green
This one here goes for softer look but with vintage design. It is seen on the sink, tub with claw feet, and the decoration itself. It is perfect for you who love vintage look but prefer something soft and pale.

Bright Yellow
This bright yellow wall tiles make a perfect vintage look with its subway tiles. The white tub is classic as well as tiles on the wall and floor. The yellow color brings bright and bold vintage look pronounced.

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