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large wall to wall beach photo island style gender neutral bright colored school desk yellow shades cream colorful rugs Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

White Rug Green Pillow Throws White Coffee Table Beige Soffas Beige Green Walls White Ceiling, Medium Tone Hardwood Floors, Standard Fireplace Stone Fireplace Surround
White Painted Bunk Bed Blue And White Stripped Fabrics Nautical Ornaments Cream Rug Rattan Shades White And Grey Stripped Sofas And Pillow Throws Round Coffee Table
Rustic Coffee Table Wall Art Works Cream Wall Beige Sofa Rug White Painted Bench Perched Glass Window White Painted Window Frame
Blue Antique Jars White And Blue Pillow Throws Globe Mirrors Ship Art Work Wall Arts Deck Hardwooden Floor Rattan Rug White Coffee Table
Large Wall To Wall Beach Photo Island Style Gender Neutral Bright Colored School Desk Yellow Shades Cream Colorful Rugs
Diamond In Denim And White Rug Accent Chairs And Pillow Throws White Walls And Medium Tone Hardwood Floors Beige Sofa Beach Wall Art Telescope Ship Figure
Twin Bedrooms American Flags Orange Buoys Over Beds Numbers Wall Artworks Framed Glass Window Brown Window Shade White Wall
Blue Sofa Yellow Pillow Throws White And Blue Stripped Chairs Wall Art Blue And Yellow Rug White Cabinet Table Lamp Coffee Table
Large Beach Style Open Concept Living Room Soft Colored Soffas Rattan Coffee Table Pillow Throws Hanging Lamp Standard Fireplace, Gray Walls And Light Hardwood Floors
Beach Style Family Room With Beige Walls Nautical Wooden Framed Wall Arts Nautical Accent Pillow Throws Coffee Table Rustic Tv Cabinet Cream Sofa

Everyone has their own preference whenever they want to decorate their room, one of them is using the beach theme. It employs the blue color of ocean and the white sand. You can also use the equipment that is commonly used in a ship. If you want to seek some enlighten to have nautical look in your room, then this article is a good thing you need to read.

Natural Beach Style Living Room

This living room uses the combination of natural look and the sensation of living in a beach. The owner uses the accents of leaves in the pillow throws to match the color of the plant outside and adds the blue jars. The room is completed by a pelican figure.

Living Room in Coastal Area

If you live in the coastal area you don’t need to overuse the beach theme in your house. You can have big window glass to make the beach as your private area. The use of soft color as beige and cream can balance the blue pillow throws.

Inside the Ship Look

This living room has the view of what it looks like to be in the ship. It uses blue sea color as the main tone. Half of the wooden furniture is painted white while the others are left in their natural color. It is such a cozy room to spend the time.

Beach Themed Kids Room

The kids bedroom here use striped blue colors to create the illusion of the waves. Then the shark wall art ornaments are attached to make the room to be more oceanic. Bunk bed is a good choice when you have small room but you have more kids.

Melancholic look on Your Coastal Themed Living Room

This coastal living room uses the blue and yellow contrast and balanced by the white wall paint. The owner uses a beach painting to employ the nautical nuance in the room.

Full Beach Wall Art Room Idea

The owner of the room does unique thing by using one side of the wall as the big canvas and paints a blue watered beach with a coconut tree. This is a good way to create a beach scenery look even though you live in urban area.

Spacious Cottage Room

The room below uses large beach style open concept living room idea erasing the wall between living room and the kitchen. This is how you have the look of magnificent ship’s dining room, like in Titanic.

Inside the Cabin Room Theme

The room below uses the concept of cabin room. The twin beds will be suitable to be used by a younger children instead of using big bed. The buoys over beds match perfectly with the window shade.

Pirate Cozy Area Style

This living room mainly uses the color of blue and white for the nautical look. The accented sofas and pillow throws are combined with the things that are signified as things in ocean, such as telescope, beach wall art, and a figure of a ship.

Nautical Cream Living Room

The owner of this room uses the shades of cream color instead of blue or white room to give a unique touch in the living room. They beautify the room with nautical pillow throws and wall arts. The big seahorse sculpture will be the main focal point in this room.

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