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hallway with white floor, white tiles wall, L shaped floating shelf, floating shelves, vases, moroccan lamps Pinterest

Hallway With Low Floor Shelves, Plants On The Pat, Low Hanging Picture, Candles, Lamp
Hallway With Rectangular Frameless Mirror, Wooden Shelves With Small Drawer, Decoration, Vase, Wall Decoration
Hallway With White Floor, White Tiles Wall, L Shaped Floating Shelf, Floating Shelves, Vases, Moroccan Lamps
Hallway With Wooden Floor, Large Round Mirror, Wooden Bench, Plants, Pillows
Hallway With Corner Shelves, Mirror, White Walls, Beige Floor
Hallway With White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bench, White Pillow, Lamp, Mirror On The Other Side, Hook For Coats
Hallway With Marble Floor, White Wall, Wallpapered Wall, Little Rectangular Pond, Glass Lamps
Hallway With Large Mirror Installed On One Wall, Grey Painted Wall, Golden Lines In Front Of The Mirror, Shite Floating Shelf, Golden Vas
Hallway With Wooden Wall And Ceiling, Floating Small Shelves With Lotus Shaped Lamps
Hallway With Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Shelves With Decorations, Round Wooden Framed Mirrors

If you have a long hallway and you think it’s a waste to let it go empty, you might want to take a look at these beautiful ideas of hallway. You will want to decorate your own hallway so that it will not go empty and without anything to look at. The hallways below will make you realize you need it transformed. So that your house becomes more and more beautiful in presenting your personality.


Floating LotusĀ 

This idea is really simple yet it will change the look of your hallway so differently. The wall of the hallway is decorated with floating small shelves that on it are lotus shaped lamps are put. With a switch, the lotus will turn on and the hallway will get so romantic and beautiful especially at night. The wooden wall helps the natural ambiance that the lotus also created.


Glowing Lamps

Still in the excitement of lamps, this hallway too has lamps on the hallway. As you can see, the hallway is long with patterned floor and wall. However, it seems that it’s not enough enchanting. Thus, the small indoor pond is added as well as the beautiful glinting lamps that send glow on the wall. As you can see that the lamps and ponds has brought new excitement in itself.


Play with Shadow

Similar with the previous one, this one too plays with the lamp. If the previous one plays with the light, this one here plays with the shadow created from the lamp itself. It is easily created with Moroccan-styled lamp. The best thing about this hallway is that it doesn’t stop there. The floating shelves on the wall completed the beautiful and unique look of a hallway.



Large MirrorĀ 

In this hallway, you can see that on one side of the wall, a large mirror is installed. This mirror has golden tinted on it that it’s not clear enough. However, the effect is the same. It gives the hallway a wider effect. To make the mirror not so rigid, golden lines are crossing in front of it. Also to make the hallway have small function, a floating shelf is added.


Cornered Function

Even though hallway is usually a long wall and floor, if you want to maximize the end of the hallway, using its corner, it actually a great idea. Like the picture below, you can created a custom corner shelves that will be able to hold the decorations, family pictures, or trophies. And still to make the space wider, mirror installed to the wall would be a nice touch.


Maximizing Effect

Similar with the previous two ideas, this one too has mirror on the wall that will help the room feel bigger and to help you get ready for your work and date too, as hallway usually positioned outside near the entrance. In this hallway, you will see that it also has shelves with drawers. This is a great idea to put your small things like keys inside so that it won’t take you long to place your small belongings.


Wooden Decorations

This one here rely on the wooden shelves and decorations to make the hallway looks minimalist and natural. With grey painted wall, it can look ashen but the wooden-framed mirrors on the wall helps it have a little twinkle.


Getting Low

In this one, you can see that the hallway looks wide without mirror, relieving but with decoration. This one here is smart that it put every decoration on the low shelves near the floor. So, even though the decoration is quite ample, it doesn’t make the wall or hallway looks messy. Not, with the rest of the wall that looks large like that.


Large Round Mirror

If you want to have a great hallway without adding too many things, you can try this idea here. This picture tells us that a wooden bench and a large round mirror can look so comfortable and functional too.


Simplest Things

If you want to go even simpler, it’s easy. You can do it like the picture below. All you need is a wooden bench and good looking lamps. Arrange it beautifully, and you’ll get minimalist yet modern hallway.

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