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corner banquette seating with white wooden bench with blue cushion, dark wood table, raw light brown wood chairs Catherine Nguyen Photography by Design

Corner Banquette Seating With White Wooden Bench With Storage At The Bottom, Brown Cushion And Back, Dark Wooden Table, A Small Round Bar Stool
Corner Banquette Seating With White Half Round Sofa, White Table Legs With Glass Counter Top, Dark Brown Wooden Chairs With White Cushion
Corner Banquette Seating With White Wooden Bench With Blue Cushion, Dark Wood Table, Raw Light Brown Wood Chairs
Corner Banquette Seating With White Corner Sofa, Wooden Square Table, A Rattan Cahir With Blue Cushion
Corner Banquette Seating With White Bench With Dark Cushion, White Wooden Table And White Wooden Chairs With Pink Cushion
Corner Banquette Seating With White Wood Bench, White Cushion, White Couch, Black Round Metal Table
Corner Banquette Seating With White Wooden Bench With Black Leather Cushion, Pink Pillows, White Wooden Table And One White Wooden Chair With Black Leather Cushion
Corner Banquette Seating With White Wooden Corner Bench With Cushion, A Quadrant Shaped Table With Brown Top And White Legs
Corner Banquette Seating With Brown Sofa, A Wooden Chair With White Cushion, White Wooden Saarinen Style Table
Corner Banquette Seating With Wooden Bench With Blue Green Cushion, Dark Wood Table With White Legs

Having small area or just a corner space in the kitchen, you can maximize the space by putting small corner banquette seating. That will be a place for you and your friends to enjoy your time and eat and drink. Or if you have larger space for it too, it gets better! The more the merrier.

White Corner with Round Table

Having a corner banquette seating can maximize your room to its best. It also can beautify the room. In this picture, with white seating, and black table, the pillows and curtains steal the color focus. The chandelier is a pretty touch that makes the corner a beauty.

Kitchen Corner

This is a great idea to use the space. It can be a dining area if you don’t have enough space for it. You can have corner banquette instead. It is less formal and it can be more comfortable.

Earthy Corner Banquette in Terracotta Wall

If you have large space for corner banquette, you can do it like this one in the picture. You can put the corner bench and have a quarter pie shaped table so that everyone can have their own space.

Small Corner

This can be a place to drink your coffee in the morning while read your newspaper. This can be a place for your children to do their homework. Even though it is small, the cushion that ads to a pretty sight in the white bench and chair can make the kitchen to have warmer look.

Simple Corner Banquette Seating

This one is also a pretty sight. Beside a big glass window, it will definitely be a favorite place to hang around in your home.

Black and White Corner

If you want to balance your room, you can do it too with your corner banquette seating. In this picture, while the surrounding is white, the corner banquette is also in white, yet the cushion is black. Although it is small, it has made its difference.

Half Round Corner Banquette

Even if your room is not round, you can still have half round corner banquette. You can use the corner of the room for bookshelves too. With round sofa and round table, people who can sit in the banquette will be more. And everyone will be facing each other. This will create merrier company.

Cosy Corner Spot

Even if it’s only small space, you can turn any corner in your home to be a comfortable spot. You just need to put small corner sofa and a table will complete the look. One simple Saarinen style table in white like this picture can be really pretty in any room.

White Comfortable Sofa

Having brunch or snack beside a beautiful view in your side can means happiness. With that comfortable spot, you might want to stay for a long time. The white tufted sofa brings the comfort and elegance to be one.

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