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rustic living room open to kitchen with white vaulted ceiling with wooden beams, brown furniture, long barrel vaulted ceiling on the aisle Aneka Interiors

Vaulted Living Room With Brown Ceiling And Walls, Brown Sofa, Dark Wooden Shelves, Stone Fire Place, Chandelier
Vaulted Living Room In White Wall And Ceiling, Beige Sofa, Blue Pillow, Blue Ottoman, White Floor Lamp, White Chandelier
Vaulted Great Room With Kitchen And Living Room, Blue Walls, Bue Rug, Blue Shelves, Blue Side Table, White Table Lamp, Beige Sofa, Red Ceiling Fan
Vaulted Living Room With White Ceiling And Walls, Stone Wall In One Side, Wooden Flooring, Brown Sofa And Chair, Brown Ceiling Fan
Vaulted Living Room With Wooden Reeling Ceiling, White Wall, Wood Framed Glass Window, Wood Framed Glass Door, Wooden Flooring, Grey Sofa, Side Table, Floor Lamp
Barrel Vaulted Living Room With White Ceiling And Wall, Dark Wood Flooring, White Fire Place, Blue Chair, Red Ottoman
Vaulted Rustic Living Room With Wooden Beams In The Ceiling, Wooden Flooring, White Walls, Stone Fireplace, Brown Rug, Brown Sofa, Wood Table, Chendelier
Vaulted Living Room Open To Kitchen With White Ceiling, Pendant Lamps, Lamps On The Ceiling, White Sofa, White Counter Top Kitchen
Vaulted Rustic Living Room With Rough Wooden Beams, Stone Fireplace, Wooden Flooring, Brown Rug, Wood Table, Brown Sofa, Brown Couch
Rustic Living Room Open To Kitchen With White Vaulted Ceiling With Wooden Beams, Brown Furniture, Long Barrel Vaulted Ceiling On The Aisle

Having vaulted ceiling can be really fun especially for you who love rustic theme, as you can expose the wooden beams better, and you who just love airier and larger room. With vaulted ceiling, living room can be crowded when you have guests but you and your guest will not feel cramped

Here are some smart ideas to bring the vaulted ceiling in your living room to the better use, in all arched aspect.

Rustic Feeling Living Room

When you have space up in the ceiling, you might want to expose the beams all out. And exposing beams is so much better when you have rough wooden beams. It creates major rustic character. Having chandelier in vaulted room can be a good choice so that if one bulb dies, you can change it easier.

Rustic Vaulted Ceiling

Creating rustic room might get easier when you have vaulted ceiling because exposing the beams might have been the strongest point there. And, when you have vaulted ceiling, you might want to make sure you choose the best light fixture.

Rustic in Barrel and Cathedral Ceiling

In this picture, you can see there are two kinds of vaulted ceiling that is combined very well. The parallel one is in the living room while the Barrel ceiling is in the ceiling on the aisle that connects the room with the other room. And if you notice, the open kitchen is starts where the vaulted ceiling ends and the kitchen itself has conventional ceiling.

Traditional Living Room

This living room is pretty simple and traditional. The ceiling is decorated with white wooden framed square crown molding without wooden beams. The stone fireplace creates the ambiance of traditional feeling even better. The dark wood flooring also helps in creating a living room with calming feeling.

vaulted living room with brown ceiling and walls, brown sofa, dark wooden shelves, stone fire place, chandelier

Studio 6 Architects

Airy Living Room

This living room looks airy and roomy. The white color on the ceiling, wall, and wooden frame of glass windows and doors helps the room to look even brighter. The window in the ceiling lightens the room with natural light.

Modern Great Room

In this picture where the kitchen and the living room are in one room, the vaulted ceiling helps them not to be too confined. The glass door and walls creates the effect of large and airy. The ceiling also has the skylight so that in the day, it must be really bright. Although, you need to be cautious when the summer and winter come. The room can be too hot or too cold.

Barrel Vault Ceiling

Barrel vault or tunnel vault can create the grand feeling that reminds you of church or old castle. And if you like this kind of ceiling, you might also like to have elegant furniture under it, just like this picture does with the white sofa, red ottoman, blue chair and high coffee table with scroll legs.

Wooden Rails Ceiling

This is another beautiful living room with vaulted ceiling. It is clear that the owner wants to have airy room if you see the choice of window and door that the owner chooses. Not to mention the skylights on the ceiling that shines bright in the daylight.

Not So High

Vaulted ceiling is beautiful yet it can be handy too when you have your bulbs or fan broken as it can be too high to fix it. Well, if you want the vaulted ceiling but you’re worried about it too, you can make the vaulted ceiling not too high, like in this picture.

Beautiful Vaulted Living Room

This one is another beautiful room with bright lights in the day and beautiful light in the night, coming from beautiful chandelier like that. If you like having airy and bright room like this, make sure you have the window in the ceiling too.

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