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Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Wall, Brown Elather, Wooden Chair, Wooden Bench, Plant, Window
Room Corner With White Wall, White Patterned Floor, White Sofa , Rattan Chair, Plants In Whit Epot
Dining Room, Wooden Dining Table, Wooden Bench, Rattan Stool, Green Rattan Chairs, Rattan Pendant, Grey Seamless Floor
Living Room, Grey Seamless Floor, Bamboo Bench With White Cushion, Bamboo Lounge Chair White Cushion, Plants, Rattan Coffee Table
Entrance, White Wall, Green Entrance Wall, Rattan Pot, Welcome Mat, Wooden Terrace Floor, Brown Floor, Grey Console Table, Mirrpr
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Table, Rattan Table, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Pot
Terrace, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Wooden Bench With White Woven Seat, Moroccan Pendants, Plants, Wooden Box
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Console Table, Rattan Chairs, Marble Round Dining Table, Rattan Pendant, Built In Shelves, Wooden Boards
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Rattan Swing, Ratan Chair, Round Coffee Table, White Pendant, Plants, White Sofa
Outdoor Dining Space, White Stone Dining Table, Pillows, White Seamless Outdoor Floor, White Ceiling, White Macrame Pendant

Greenery can brighten a room and makes it refreshed. With green plants, the room would feel less suffocating (if there is one) and more liberating by the feeling of better air circulation. Adding greener can be essential when you try to pull off a certain style that needs plants, like bohemian look. However, whatever you try to pull off, putting plants can boost your room and these below are some pretty and refreshed rooms with plants.

Green Corner
Putting plants does not always mean that you should have a room to decorate. Even the smallest space like the corner of the room can be the apple of your eye when it is decorated perfectly well, like this one here. The plants gives different dimension in the room.

Green Dining
Plants can make a room more dramatic and romantic. And that is why it is a great thing to have in the dining room where you would meet your significant other or your family. The refreshed feeling would support the warmth you want to create in the room.

Outdoor Dining
It is a usual practice to put plants outside. And that will of course bring the refreshing look outside and inside, especially if you have an open air room or transition room. This one here pulls out a perfect dining space outdoor with seamless white floor, completed with white stone dining table and macrame.

Green in the Entrance
Another thing that can be a perfect place for plants on the pot is the entrance. With two sides of the door, you can put the plants to welcome you. With warming rattan pot like this one, the plants give inviting vibe.

On the Balcony
Balcony can be a perfect place to put plants too. Being outdoor, it is easier to choose which plants you want to put as there would be more sun lights. And you can experiment with plants that needs more soil as you don’t have to be afraid it would make your room dirty.

Refresh the Living Room
If you want to make your living room a nice and fresh touch, putting plants inside is one of the ways to do it. Not only that, with plants, your living room will look merrier and inviting.

On the Table
Who says you can only put flowers on the table? Putting on plants like this one is also a great thing to do. You can avoid the predictable and put up a refreshing touch instead.

Tall and Simple
This one is another beautiful example of putting your plants on the living room. With large glass window and natural look in the living room, the plants are in the right place.

Natural Thing
When you have console table and you don’t know what to put on top, plants can be one safest option you might want to try. This console table looks meaningful with plants on top.

Filled with Plants
When you have a large room at the back, putting lots of windows and make it a nice living room or sun room is a great thing to do. This one also puts natural touch on the furniture besides putting lots of plants on the space. The overall look is warm and fresh.

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