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living room, white wall, white seamless floor, wooden sofa with cream cushion, wooden coffee table, rattan stool, naked ceiling, white wooden lamp Design Love Fest

Living Room, Cream Wall, Seamless Floor, Rattan Wooden Beam Ceiling, Nook On The Wall, Rug, Round Coffee Tables, Rattan Chair, Woven Bench, Sofa, Rattan Door
Living Room, White Wall, White Seamless Floor, Wooden Sofa With Cream Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, Rattan Stool, Naked Ceiling, White Wooden Lamp
Living Room, White Wall, White Built In Window Bay, Seamless Floor, Rattan Rug, White Sofa, Round Coffee Table, Rattan Pendant, Rattan Stool
Seamless Wall, Bench, And Floor Outside, Plant, Pillows, Basket
Living Room, White Wall, White Fireplace, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Sofa, Round Mirror, Wall Shelves,
White Patio, Seamless Floor, Dark Brown Wooden Dining Set, Dark Wooden Door
Built In Shelves, Wooden Shelves, Grey Stone, Wooden Chair
White Living Room, White Wall, White Built In Sofa, White Cushion, White Dining Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table
Cream Wall, Seamless Floor, Wooden Bench Sofa With Pillows, Wooden Coffee Tables, Black Floor Lamp
Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, Long Wooden Bench With Metal Legs, Grey Chair, Metal Lamp

Greek style has been a strong distinctive force that you can differentiate at the first glance. The white surface around the room and the minimalist look on the wall and furniture has been the strong force in Greek space. If you’re looking for some inspirations to look up in creating white minimalist space in the house, here below can show you some beautiful spaces that you will love immediately.

Built-In Bench
One of the distinctive features in Greek space is the continued look on the wall. Here below shows it in the built-in bench on the window bay. The seamless floor and all the same colored wall and bench create uninterrupted brush of white in the room.

Open Room
Another thing that makes Greek look is endearing is that it strives to look open and fresh. And this look is exactly what people are looking for these days. This one below shows an open and beautiful space with the open air and traditional look on the ceiling.

Warm Living Room
Although white minimalist look in Greek space might looks reserved and cold, some warmth can be added too. This living room has the white wall and sofa and combine all with natural touch in the coffee table and shelves.

Fill the Emptiness
If you have some empty space along the minimalist wall, putting in some wooden bench as console table would point out the minimalist look even more. This one here presents some metal look that brings out also modern feeling to it.

Simple Space
This one here literally the simplest of all. With white canvas on the wall and seamless floor, this space only presents the wooden sofa with its coffee table. This set looks so minimalist.

Beautiful Set
This one here is another beautiful set inspired from Greek space. The thick and minimalist wall is the main feature. It is combined with natural and neutral touches on the furniture. The rattan doors allows maximum level of air circulation.

Built-In Shelves
Besides bench, built-in shelves is a really good idea in implementing the minimalism Greek shows us. This one here has a really simple one with wooden boards on it. This simple and natural look is perfect in your Greek space.

Mykonos Living Room
This one here looks especially minimalist with all continuous white on the entire room. The built-in sofa of looks so subtle alone but together with the wall, floor, and dining table, it is all distinctive and strong.

Greek Outside
Not only indoor, Greek space can be brought outside. This one here shows a minimalist look in terrace that everyone can just pull out. With seamless look on the wall, bench, and floor, this space is an endearing sight to those who love minimalist space.

Greek Patio
This one here shows a more complicated look compare to the previous one but it does not make the space not being simple. The seamless and continuous canvas looks contrast with the dark dining set.

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