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wooden island, black floor, white wall, white backsplash tiles, wooden cabinet, brown top, wooden bench Loom Brand

Wooden Island, Black Floor, White Wall, White Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Brown Top, Wooden Bench
Kitchen Island, Wooden Floor, White Top, Wooden Line Board, Black Metal Stools
Wooden Kitchen Island, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Top, Wooden Table, White Pendants, Wooden Plank Wall
Kitchen Island, Wood Surface, White Top, Black Board, White Cabinet, Grey Backsplash Wall, Dark Grey Cupboard
Yellow Island With White Top, Yellow Blue Wallpaper, White Upper Cabinet, Grey Floor, Silver Pendant
Kitchen Island, White Cabinet Under The Wooden Frame, Wooden Sliding Table, Wooden Bench
Kitchen Island, Wood Surface, White Top, Black Board, White Cabinet, Grey Backsplash Wall, Dark Grey Cupboard
Kitchen Island, Black Floor, Black Top, Wooden Table, White Stool Chairs
Pink Island, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Cabinet, Grey Floating Shelves, Pink Wooden Traditional Island, White Top
Kitchen Island, Wooden Island, Grey Table, Wooden Wall, Pendants, Black Cupboard

When you have enough space in the kitchen, it is really Kitchen island can be important when you want to have a place in the kitchen where you can hang out, or just to add some more space to create your food. With island in the kitchen, then it is also important to make sure that your island can complement your kitchen. There are so many designs of kitchen island that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. However, you will want to choose the most interesting that can meet your taste. And here below are ten stunning kitchen islands that you would love to see.

Black Indented Board
For a minimalist and modern kitchen, the island must meet the same clean and tidy look that will blend well with the kitchen. This one here shows a neat cube island that looks perfect with the monochrome kitchen on the back. The black board on the island and the back stools match the black frame in the kitchen. And the golden faucet and pendant brings an interesting note in this minimalist kitchen.

Bright Yellow
Similar to the previous one, this kitchen also is the bright strong main feature in the kitchen. Surrounded with white cabinet and yellow blue wallpaper, the yellow island match well.

Sliding Table
Kitchen island in this one looks minimalist yet it has a stunning feature. Under the wooden top, a wooden sliding table can be gotten out. It is an interesting feature that enables the room to have a small different chances. Completed by wooden bench, the minimalist look is uphold.

Thin and Minimal
Another minimalist kitchen island that has stunning look is seen in this one here. The wooden table looks thin and simple, especially as it is surrounded with wood material on the floor and wall. The other side of the island that looks as minimalist strengthen the simple look in the kitchen.

Traditional Pink
Now, if you love contrast, this one here can show you. The modern kitchen with neutral grey color looks dark and minimalist. However, the pink traditional island with white top makes the kitchen looks great with strong vibe.

Modern Look
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows minimalist look over the island with its black top on the working station and wooden table on the side to enjoy the food or to watch the cooking.

Wooden Board
This one here also shows an interesting minimalist look with white cabinet and island. This kitchen is a great place to cook. And the wooden board on the edge makes it a nice place to have some meal in less formal style.

Japanese Style
This kitchen has even stronger minimalism going on. With only wood material on the kitchen surface, it sends quite significant impression. The kitchen table is placed simply between the shelves and cabinet with white pendant above.

Floating Island
While the previous one shows unmistakably Japanese look, this one here shows the practical function on its design. Not only that the island is uniquely floating from the board on the ceiling, but it also has wood platform to allows you sit on it.

Island Bench
This wooden island has an interesting note. Instead of stool, it has wooden bench to be the completion of the island. This bench too can be stored under the island when it is not used. It looks brilliant.

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